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Prepare for Parenthood

Individual preparation for birth and parenthood

When a woman becomes pregnant, she begins to investigate, if she has not done it before, about motherhood, preparing for her new life. Even medical centers offer courses to prepare for maternity, childbirth, baby care, or breastfeeding. But what about men? Is it that boys don’t need preparation for parenthood?

In Babies and more, we have, we know, the luck of having many male readers, dads in the pipeline, or dads already.

Who also want to know how to be better parents and be prepared for the evolution of having a child supposes for them. With them in mind, I have put together this short parenting preparation guide. I hope the tips are helpful to you.

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Health is a matter of two in parenthood

  • The man’s body may not immerse in the hormonal changes that the pregnant woman has, but he will also intensely live the process if he is involved.
  • The pregnant woman will have to go to many tests and medical consultations, some annoying or causing anxiety.
  • The father should always accompany her and comfort her if she manifests any fear for the child’s health, be it justified or not.
  • Taking care of your health is essential. It is advisable for the father to stop smoking, both for the effects on conception and fetus.
  • If he continues to smoke in front of his partner once she is pregnant.
  • If she was a smoker and leaves it in the pregnancy.
  • I think that you cannot ask your father for less than that little effort to accompany her.
  • A medical check-up before conception and adopting healthy lifestyle measures such as losing weight.
  • if you are obese, eating correctly, and doing physical exercise are known to affect the fetus’s health
  • And also, help you stay alive longer; no one wants to be sick having a young child.
  • So you have to take care of them too. In addition to the physical benefits for their health, that of the baby and the mother.
  • whoever adopts healthy lifestyle habits and accompanies the woman in the special care she must-have, provides excellent emotional benefit for her and the couple.
  • You will feel more understood and supported if you realize that your partner’s commitment begins to be complete even if he does not feel the child inside.
  • In truth, it has a massive effect for women to know that they are understood and followed in pregnancy.
  • Just as it is painful to feel that their partner is not involved enough and continues with their previous lifestyle habits.

Of course, the father or future father should give up illegal drugs if he used them, even sporadically, before considering having a child.

Childbirth and Parenthood

  1. There are also childbirth preparation classes.
  2. Although they are less and less, many parents do not get involves in this, preferring that she go alone or do it passively.
  3. She was poorly done. The birth of a child is a matter of both, and for the woman, the support of her partner is critical at the time of delivery.
  4. The father must inform of the processes, of the chosen center’s protocols, and, of course, of the woman’s wishes regarding her delivery.
  5. After all, when she is giving birth, she will not be able to defend herself.
  6. It will depend on him if they do not go to a doula to accompany them, comfort them, and protect their interests and opinions.
  7. In childbirth, complicated circumstances may occur that make it necessary to accept or reject specific medical procedures.
  8. The more the father knows and the more confident he feels.
  9. The better he will understand what the doctors tell him, and the better he will be able to act.

Preparing for birth and parenthood

  • When the baby is born, he will generally be with his partner and take care that the baby is not separated except in need.
  • Likewise, and if things get too complicated, he may be the first to be with the child and comfort him in a difficult birth that separates him from his mother—all a responsibility.
  • After the baby is born, it is possible that the mother is strange or focus on her young like a broody hen or disconnect from reality, especially if the birth has been traumatic.
  • Dad has to take charge and protect that need for solitude and security that the newly born female has in humans and other mammals.
  • If anyone has to ration visits, it is the father, even if it costs him.
  • If the pregnancy does not progress correctly or an abortion.
  • the father will be the emotional and physical support of the woman at that terrible moment.
  • Even if he feels that he must forget what happened and move on.
  • His role is essential for the mother to regain confidence and heal her wounds.
  • You need to learn about prenatal loss support groups, heal the wound, be emotionally accessible, even if it’s complicated.

Back home: Parenthood finale react

  1. Breastfeeding can be difficult.
  2. If the father involves and informs, he will be an essential support for the mother.
  3. If it is necessary to go to a counselor or a group of mothers, he should also be there.
  4. A father who is not aware of his role in breastfeeding can be an added difficulty.
  5. Returned home, their importance grows.
  6. He must ensure the tranquility of the mother and the baby.
  7. Being the guarantor that the dyad, that special bond, can be created without interference.
  8. Visits, again, can be annoying, and he must restrict and attend to them if they occur.

Although the mother breastfeeds, the father has many things to do:

  • Take care of the other children, if there are any, take care of the housework.
  • And also, worry about carrying out different tasks of caring for the baby such as changing, dressing, or bathing him.
  • Mothers of a newborn barely have time for themselves, even showering or going to the bathroom can be complicated.
  • A man willing to relieve her in those moments is a godsend.
  • Whenever possible, it is convenient for the man to take his paternity leave and even save vacation for that time to facilitate this stage.
  • Growing up is a challenge. Understanding the emotional and physical changes of the puerperal woman.
  •  It is essential to help her move to this new, more robust, and happier stage.
  • Patience with mothers-in-law. Many women look to their mothers for motherhood support, even if their relationship is not the best in the world.
  • Mothers of mothers sometimes forget that their daughters are adults and can invade our land.
  • Without giving up on the fundamentals, the highest priority is to listen to the wishes of the newly born woman and respect them.
  • The water is going to return to its course, but it needs its time.

Isn’t it beautiful to see yourself as that dam that holds the tide of feelings and takes care of the family you have founded?

  • The mother herself also needs her particular words.
  • Whether they are mothers of fathers or mothers, grandmothers will be crazy with the baby.
  • But we must be very delicate with our mother if our partner feels invaded by their attentions.
  • You have to have a lot of left hands to preserve the nest that she may need.
  • Privacy and security are essential for those first days to be live happily.
  • That is why you have to know how far your family or friends can go, welcome, but dosed.

Of course, reading parenting websites and reading books offers additional knowledge and contact with other families in the same situation. They enrich a lot.


These and many other guidelines that you can develop yourself will help you fully prepare for parenthood to top it off. One thing I know, it’s going to be worth it. A new parenting model is advancing, and it means being committed to parenting.

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