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Hi Readers! Drinking water from an earthen pot has potential health advantages. This ancient custom is not only a time-honored substitute for steel, plastic, or other containers, but it is also a beneficial and healthful habit to acquire.

When refrigerators were not commonly utilized, earthen pots were used to cool water since they assisted in the water’s natural cooling process.

Have you ever drank from a matka (clay pot)? If not, you’ve probably seen individuals practicing matka in their homes. When refrigerators were not widely used, people stored their water in earthen pots, which naturally chilled the liquid.

This age-old habit is not only a traditional substitute for glass or other containers, but it is also a healthy and therapeutic solution. As a result, to help you grasp the benefits of using an earthen pot, we’ve listed its six characteristics: Some Incredible Health Advantages of Drinking Water from an Earthen Pot

Effects of natural cooling:

Water naturally cools down when it is kept in an earthen container. The earthen pot has a few tiny holes on its surface, and water swiftly evaporates from them. Evaporation, which is how earthen pots function, aids in chilling the water.

No other container can chill water slowly like the clay pot does because it is porous. In the summer, earthen pots’ inherent cooling effect is great for preventing sunburn and dehydration.

Alkaline in nature :

The human body is acidic, but the soil is alkaline. Most of the food we eat causes the body to become acidic and produce toxins. The soil interacts with acidic meals and keeps a steady PH level since it is inherently alkaline. This is why consuming water from an earthen pot helps reduce stomach problems and acid reflux. The majority of the food we eat causes the body to become acidic and release toxins. Clay interacts with acidic foods to maintain a proper pH equilibrium because of its alkaline makeup. hence avoiding acidity and stomach-related issues.

Enhances metabolism :

Enhances metabolism

Water kept in plastic bottles includes dangerous substances including bisphenol A, or BPA, which are harmful to the body in numerous ways.

Also, Drinking water from an earthen pot daily can increase metabolism since the water is free of all chemicals when it is stored in the pot. Due to the minerals in the water, it can also aid with digestion. Because clay pot water has no chemicals of any kind, drinking it every day helps speed up metabolism. Due to the minerals in water, this can also help digestion.

Prevents sunstroke :

Prevents sunstroke _

Sunstroke is a common problem during the sweltering summer months. Because the clay pot protects the water’s beneficial minerals and nutrients and encourages quick hydration, drinking water from one can help prevent sunstroke.

The most common season for heat stroke is summer. Earthenware containers that retain the water’s beneficial minerals and nutrients and encourage quick replenishment can help prevent heat stroke by providing a cool, refreshing beverage. This will also have a wonderful cooling impact on your body.

Gentle on the throat:

You may cough and catch a cold from drinking cold water from the refrigerator. The clay pot’s water is the ideal temperature. It does not strain the throat. and does not aggravate a person’s persistent cough.Drinking cold water straight from the refrigerator may cause itching and throat irritation. On the other hand, the water in a clay pot is the ideal temperature because it is calming to the throat and won’t cause someone to cough or become ill.

Sustainable and eco-friendly:

Natural clay that is biodegradable and safe for the environment is used to make earthenware pots. In contrast to plastic bottles or containers, which can release toxic chemicals into water or wind up in landfills, they are also robust and reusable. Additionally, compared to alternative water storage options, earthen pots are more affordable and accessible.

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