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Responsible motherhood, a goal with too many labels

All people are different, and we have other concepts regarding raising and educating our children. In recent years, much has been said about the idea of responsible motherhood. But what does this idea imply? Is it a question of being a better or a worse mother in the public eye? Or is it a personal choice?

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Importance of being a mother responsibly

  1. The importance of responsible motherhood consists of being mentally and physically prepared from the moment you decide to be a mother.
  2. It involves a planned pregnancy and parenting in which both parents and baby have everything they need.
    Getting pregnant is taking on a great responsibility.
  3. Women have to be aware that they will be the only source of survival for a tiny being that grows within them.
  4. Responsible motherhood also covers your lifestyle before and during your pregnancy. No Smoking. Do not drink. Eat a healthy diet, as well as attend all your gynecological check-ups.
  5. Once the moment of delivery has arrived, the second phase of what is known as responsible motherhood begins.
  6. The growth and sound development of your little one depend directly on your breast milk. It is a very personal choice to choose between breastfeeding or artificial feeding.
  7. Everything will always depend on your health and well-being as well as that of the baby. There is nothing written as perfect.
  8. Some children can drink breast milk, and others cannot. Some mothers can breastfeed, and others cannot.
  9. The goal is always to find the best way for both of you. The same happens with other stages such as co-sleeping or carrying.
  10. Finally, you will see how your baby grows quickly. You will always have to seek their protection.
  11. Especially when you start to walk, explore new adventures, or put objects in your mouth. Your safety will be paramount for your growth.

Responsible motherhood benefits

Responsible motherhoodct

  • Responsible motherhood brings several advantages starting with the same care. Taking care of yourself means being able to take proper care of your child.
  • If you are healthy and happy, the little one will be too. It is the main benefit of responsible motherhood.
  • You are the mirror where your child will always reflect. Meeting your basic needs will allow you to cover yours perfectly.
  • Talk to your partner about responsible motherhood and fatherhood and agree on your way of raising the little one.

The advantages of a responsible motherhood

  1. Psychological, emotional, and economical independence to care for a child.
  2. Reduction of anxiety while raising the baby.
  3. Healthier and better-developed children.
  4. Control of the children that can be had.
  5. Communication and better able to solve problems as a couple.
  6. Spaces and time for the child, as well as for the rest of the family members.
  7. Happier babies with fewer illnesses.
  8. Better reproductive health thanks to family planning.
  9. Children brought into the world with love.
  10. Health for both mother and father.
  11. Better intimate relationships for the couple.


Ultimately, responsible motherhood consists of knowing how many children I can have and support. Unwanted pregnancies are not considered within this parenting process. Although afterward, you can take responsible care of the baby.

Parents need to know at all times the risks of unplanned pregnancies, as well as those that occur during adolescence.
For your health. For the health of your partner. And for the welfare of your children, bet on responsible motherhood.

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