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What is Passive Exercise Equipment, and How does it Work?

There is a multitude of passive exercise equipment on the market that promises quick and effortless results. But in reality, this is not being honest through advertising, which encourages false expectations.

I will explain the different issues related to these electrostimulation devices that you can take advantage of to achieve your goals.

Normally, the person who uses passive gymnastics is in the face of weight loss or muscle toning.

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But what is passive gymnastics?

It consists of exercising involuntarily using devices that make our muscles work without making any movement.

This is achieved through a series of low-impact electrical impulses, which generate muscle contractions through the motor nerve. Sounds good, right?

We can find different passive gymnastics equipment on the market:

  • Electrostimulation devices
  • Abdominal belts
  • Vibrating platforms
  • Assisted gymnastics tables
  • And others…

I will focus on the devices that we can have at home to exercise at the time and in the place that best suits us.

Passive Exercise Equipment

In my case, I seek comfort. But you can also find these types of devices in beauty salons and gyms.

Is passive gymnastics effective in losing weight?

  • Passive gymnastics began to be used for therapeutic purposes, to recover from injuries, or with patients with reduced mobility.
  • It was later when it began to be used in beauty centers and fitness gyms.
  • And finally, these devices have been designed to be portable and for home use.
  • By passively stimulating the muscles, we improve circulation and tone our muscles, but we do not burn calories the same as if we exercise regularly.
  • So I think you know what I’m going to tell you: passive gymnastics to lose weight is not effective by itself.
  • What is certain is that combined with a proper diet, it will help your body be toned at the muscular level, and the hated flaccidity does not appear.

How can we enhance the results of the electro stimulator?

Follow these tips:

  1. Reduce your caloric intake
  2. Drink at least two liters of water a day
  3. Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables
  4. You should Walk for at least 20 minutes a day to do the cardio work you need to lose weight.
  5. Is it not necessary to exert effort during the passive gymnastics session?
  6. Forget about what you see in the commercials, relaxed men and women receiving their electrostimulation session while smiling. That’s not real.
  7. Before acquiring any passive gymnastics apparatus, you should be clear if you use toning or bodybuilding programs at a high intensity.
  8. So that your muscles work thoroughly, it can even be painful! That you know. And you can end up sweating on many occasions.
  9. Since you also have to participate and help the machine by voluntarily contracting the antagonist muscle to maintain proper posture.
  10. Only if the program you use corresponds to massage or recovery can it even be pleasant.

Passive Exercise Equipment

Advantages and Disadvantages of Passive Gymnastics


  • It has therapeutic benefits
  • By having the device at home, you will always be able to use it for relaxing massages, low back pain, muscle spasms, occasional back pain, and other areas such as joints. It is perfect for helping.
  • Suppose you know that how to use it well, it can bring you great benefits. You get more muscle mass in less time.
  • If you use it after exercising, it will help you to recover faster muscles.
  • It helps fight cellulite and improves blood circulation.


  • Do not use people with pacemakers, pregnant women, recent injuries, bleeding, infectious processes, and especially do not apply around the eyes.

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