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Muscle massage gun for a pain-free body

The Muscle Massage Gun is a handheld electronic device for percussion therapy. Muscle massage guns have become fashionable for a relatively few years. Before, they had prohibitive prices, and only professionals had the “right” to use them, but more affordable models are starting to appear.

These electric massagers can reach the deep fibers of the muscle, something that with manual therapies is quite difficult.

Putting it on the muscles relieves pain, improves mobility, promotes muscle recovery, and helps increase performance.

How do they do it? Thanks to percussion therapy, which generates a multitude of small vertical blows and a specific hitting frequency.

What this achieves is to create a vibration that reaches the deepest fibers of the muscle.

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What are they for?

Muscle massage guns for a pain-free body

Benefits of the massage gun

  1. Relax the superficial and deep muscles after exercise.
  2. Warm up the muscle before exercise.
  3. Eliminate muscle knots.
  4. Improves circulation, increasing blood and lymphatic flow.
  5. Relieves pain from specific injuries or chronic diseases.
  6. Reduces muscle fatigue and relieves pain.
  7. It improves recovery and eliminates lactic acid.
  8. It helps reduce stress by relieving muscle tension.
  9. Massage guns relieve pain for anyone with discomfort or injury and help athletes improve their physical abilities.
  10. Any sedentary person can also use a massage gun and give up to 5 minutes to relieve any muscle discomfort.

How to use a massage gun

Muscle massage guns for a pain-free body

I strongly recommend that, once you have your massage gun, you read the instructions for use, as well as the characteristics and specifications of the device itself.

But if you want to know more, take note:

Heads What is each one for?

  • You will see that each massage gun includes different heads, and you will use one or the other depending on the area or group of muscles to work.
  • The round or ball-shaped head is designed for large muscle groups, such as buttocks, abdomen, or legs. Its smooth and uniform movement, together with its rounded shape, helps to relax and unload.
  • The bullet-shaped head is perfect for targeting trigger points or areas with myofascial pain syndrome. It makes more incidence in specific points with a lot of tension and contractures.
  • The U-shaped or wedge head is intended to massage the spine and cervical area and eliminate tension in the Achilles tendon or around the shoulder blade and in areas where there is bone around the muscles.
  • Once you have your massage gun at home, please take a look at the possibilities offered by each head to get the most out of it.

Contraindications to the use of a massage gun

It is evident that this type of device also has its limitations and even contraindications.

When you experience the fantastic sensation of relief that percussion therapy gives you on your flesh, there are times or situations when it is better to let the muscles rest or be treated in another way.

Never use a massage gun without medical supervision when you have a muscle tear, muscle strain, fibrillar tear, sprains, inflammatory injuries, or bone fractures.

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