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Nail File Write for Us

nail file write for us

What is a Nail File?

A nail file is a tool to shape or grind the edge of nails. The use of nail files is for manicures and pedicures. The nail files vary in emery boards, ceramic, glass, crystal, and metal coated with corundum.

Nail File materials 

  1. Emery board: the emery board is so tiny, straight, long object which has emery or emery paper stuck to them, making them flexible and abrasive, which is for fingernails and toenails care. The emery board gives shape and smooth nails during manicure and pedicure sessions. Emery boards are not expensive and not disposable; that is a metal made to nail files—the emery board by J. Parker Pray of New York in 1883. The emery boards are less polishing and cleaning their metal nail files.
  2. Glass nail file: it is gentle and long-lasting, and it is the best option for nail files as they are sustainable and last for years.
  3. Medium file: it is best for shape extension to medium nails and the edge of toenails. It has 180 grit.
  4. Acceptable files: it has 240-600 grit. It removes discolorations and minor bumps and ridges and shapes natural nails.
  5. Ultrafine: the ultrafine nails have 600-2400 grit and are used for buffing and shinning all nails.

How to submit an Article?

To submit an article, you can pitch us at or send a report for the demo and provide all the needed information about yours and your education or experience in this field.

Why Write for Us?

nail file write for us

Guidelines- Nail File Write for us 

nail file write for usYou can refer to the other articles that are on our page for a better understanding and to identify more topics, and you can contact us for further details on

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