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Perm Hair Guide – Everything to Know Before Getting a Perm

The perm is a technique of curling the hair. Performed by a professional, this hairstyle holds until the haircut. But that doesn’t mean. It doesn’t need care. Here are some tips for maintaining and styling your permed hair.

What is a perm?

The perm is a technique of curling hair that lasts 3 to 6 months.

It can do on all hair types: short, long, straight, or curly, even if naturally wavy hair can do.

To achieve a permanent hair perm, we use a chemical curling product and curlers to achieve well-defined curls for a long time.

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How to get a perm?

  • To keep your hair in shape, limit perms to three per year.
  • Also, be aware that it is important not to wash your hair within 24 hours of perming. Otherwise, it will fall.
  • The effect of it lasts a little over two months.
  • During this period, the best is to avoid coloring, which will weaken your hair a little more.
  • If the absence of color during this period is unthinkable for you, still wait a good two weeks between the perm and the coloring.
  • Then prefer a product with dye plants. Afterward, don’t skimp on masks to nourish your hair.

Does the perm damage the hair?

  • The perm makes the hair more porous and fragile.
  • Damaged hair never looks good, and It is therefore important to pay them a little more attention.
  • To protect them, choose a Sulphate and Paraben-free shampoo with neutral pH or a special shampoo for curly hair, which, thanks to its active ingredients, will bring spring to your mane.
  • Favor products made with avocado, shea, almond, or eggs. Regular application of jojoba, olive oil, or shea mask will nourish your hair and tighten the scales.
  • Essential oils, such as rosemary, cedar, chamomile, lemon, or lavender, are great for dry permed hair.

Have big curls drawn thanks to the hair perm

  1. The perm was the essential hairstyle of the 80s.
  2. And since fashion is an eternal restart, we are witnessing a comeback of this hairstyle.
  3. In practice, what does permanent hair look like? In reality, it is nothing more or less styling to create curls.
  4. After having wrapped your hair around curlers, the hairdresser will apply a product to fix this rounded shape.
  5. And after the necessary pause time, we remove the curlers and apply a lotion to tighten the hair scales and freeze them in their new shape.
  6. The perm is a bit of a tailor-made formula.
  7. If the curlers are small, the curls will be tight.
  8. Conversely, if you opt for very wide curlers, you will get big, wispy curls.

Does the perm also work on fine hair?

  • Several weeks before doing the perm in the salon, use a conditioner suitable for your hair type to give utmost care.
  • Only then, ask your hairdresser for a perm with fairly wide curls.
    Fine hair absorbs chemicals faster.
  • Therefore, the professional will have to pay attention to the break time so as not to damage your mane.
  • Fine hair is sensitive. Applying chemicals to perm the hair will not do that good Unless you are setting the stage.

Can we do a perm on bleached hair?

  • It is strongly recommended not to make a discoloration AND your perm on the same day.
  • Moreover, no professional worthy of the name will agree to do it in a salon.
    The process will have to do in two stages.
  • First, the perm, then only after – allow two to three weeks between – the discoloration.
  • And always in that order because it’s all about chemistry.
  • The products used for it can lighten the hair.
  • However, if you do the bleaching before, your hair may be lightened, much more than desired.
  • In addition, your hairdresser will need to be very careful.
  • It weakens the scales of the hair, which become porous.
  • They will therefore absorb molecules aimed at lightening your mane more quickly.
  • The exposure time will, therefore, probably have to calculate accordingly.
  • So if in doubt, do not hesitate to ask your favorite hairdresser.

How to maintain a hair perm?

  • Since it is a “chemical” technique, perming weakens the hair. It is therefore essential to have a hair routine adapted to the hair perm.
  • For this, it is necessary to favor shampoos for curly hair.
  • And also, don’t forget to use a mask enriched with jojoba oil or shea butter once a week to keep hair healthy.

Duration of a hair perm

  • As the name suggests, a perm has a relatively long lifespan.
  • Fortunately, this is not final; Because of the girls who hated the rendering, there are plenty of them.
  • Note that the curls will last between 3 and 6 months, and the regrowth will not curl.
  • To get rid of it, you will have to wait until your hair grows enough to cut it and leave only the “natural” nature of your hair.
  • So you have to be decided before you fall for the perm.

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