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How to style the prettiest long wavy hair

Do you have long wavy hair? If you want to change your look, it is not always easy to hit the nail on the head and find a good haircut. And, sometimes, this type of hair is a bit unruly and can make us frizz easily.

To help you be more beautiful, in this post, we will discover the best cuts for wavy hair with which you can renew your image and look perfect at all times. Do you want to know more? Well, keep reading!

Long wavy hair is one of the most flattering and grateful because it is the most balanced and moldable. So much so that women with wavy hair do not usually complain about their hair type, unlike those who have hair with other textures.

Generally, women with straight hair wish their hair had more body and volume. At the same time, women with curly hair crave straight and perfect manes without a trace of frizz.

That is why wavy hair has so many advantages. So if your hair is like this, feel satisfied! Talking about cuts for Long wavy hair is about versatility and possibilities.

It is straightforward to work with it and adapt it to any look and any fashionable cut while combining it with any coloring technique.

Wavy hair is one of the undisputed trends for long hair this year. As you already have the waves naturally, you will have to work them to adapt them

The three secrets to having wavy hair

  • Work with clean hair for a more refined result – especially if you are looking for smoother, more polished waves.
  • But if it’s the casual beach look you want to achieve, then working with unwashed hair can result in a beautiful look.
  • Apply a dry shampoo (to remove grease and sweat) to the roots before blowing air with the dryer for a minute to re-energize it. Finish with a curling iron to create the perfect wavy hair.
  • When you have a good texture based on towel drying and applying a spray that adds volume, use a light mist of fixing spray to the waves to help them retain their shape.
  • For the best waves with a curling iron, wrap your hair around the cylinder, leaving the roots and ends out. Once it removes from the heat, stretch the hair while it cools.
  • It will create a smooth wave and avoid out-of-date, tight curls.

Ideas for cuts for long wavy hair

If you have long wavy hair, you have to know that some cuts are more flattering than others. Here are some excellent ideas for you to improve your image:

Layered cut: it is a perfect idea to reduce the volume of your hair and show off well-defined and very fresh waves.

Side bangs: if you want a feminine and beautiful image, nothing better than cutting your bangs and putting them on the side so that your face is well framed.

Highlights to illuminate: Finally, to give your hair more movement and light, a good option is to opt for highlights.

You can choose to only illuminate the ends with good Californian highlights or opt for other trends that bet more on naturalness, such as balayage.

Hairstyles ideas with long wavy hair

long wavy hair

Now that you know the best cuts for long wavy hair, we will talk to you about the most successful hairstyles that will help you be more beautiful.

Here is a selection of wavy hairstyles that will make you feel perfect :

Loose wavy hair: Square-shaped hair, combed naturally and with the bangs shorter than the ends, forming an effect that accompanies your entire face.

Crested hairstyle: Very short at the ends and longer at the top. Very aggressive look with masculine tints, beautiful for good faces. It can comb forward.

Straightening: Hair is cut in such a way that we leave strands falling at different heights. It produces a sensual effect of lack of rigidity in our appearance, giving our gaze mystery—best for wavy hair.

Asymmetrical: The hair is cut more on one side than the other, and the curls are arranged so that they look loose and natural as a whole.

Forward: Combed like the previous one, leaving the upper part of the hair with the hair a little longer. Especially interesting for semi-curly or curly hair.

Vee: The hair on the back of the head is left longer than the rest, achieving a “vee” effect when viewed from behind. In front, you can leave your bangs on the side.

Asymmetrical wavy: Hair is kept shorter at the back than in the front, and the strands that touch the face are left wavy. Bold and glamorous. Very European.


As you can see, long wavy hair has no limits. In your hand is the option to innovate, challenge and put to the test the art of your trusted stylist. So it would help if you felt lucky to have hair of these characteristics because you play with an advantage.

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