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How to style shorts for girls?

Ah, the famous shorts! In the middle of summer, I always have clients who ask me about them and wonder if they can wear them.

Know that I am not against wearing short panties: well-chosen, they can enhance the legs (and the silhouette) while giving us a little freshness when the weather is hot.

Plus, it – despite being a summer classic – is particularly trendy this summer.
So I thought I would concoct a summary of my best tips for choosing them well and, above all, wearing them with style!

High-wasted, “Daisy Duke” micro-shorts are to be avoided except – perhaps – if you regularly attend music festivals and are part of the Belieber generation.

In other words, they are to be reserve for young girls (and more .). I’m not the type to categorize and want to prevent women from wearing certain types of clothes according to their age (on the contrary, it annoys me !! Long live sartorial freedom!)

But I draw a line here with the ultra-fitted micro-shorts that reveal part of the buttock curve. Let’s resume.

City shorts

  • We’re talking about the classic short shorts, fantastic if you want your legs to steal the show!
  • You find it in various lengths, from mid-thigh to a few inches lower. It’s up to you to judge your level of comfort.
  • It’s still important to know that shorts, no matter how long, but the stress directly on your legs and knees.
  • If this is a part that you are less comfortable revealing, for whatever reason, feel free to choose a model a little longer.
  • It will keep you looking trendy and comfortable.
    The “short” shorts also create the impression of a longer leg, so they are very suitable for shorter women.
  • Watch out for too-tight models and those whose diagonal pockets “open” at the hips.

The stylist’s tip: shorts that are more fluid and looser on the thigh will instantly refine your leg.

The rule of thumb: the shorter it, the lower the heel is supposed to be.

On the other hand, you can put on a higher heel if you wear a more covering top with your shorts such as a blouse or a jacket.

In any case, without going straight for a flat shoe, you can afford a slight heel that will lengthen and shape the leg nicely.

Trend Info: stand out by wearing your dressier city shorts, paired with more chic clothes and accessories!

Denim shorts

  • An absolute darling of casual summer looks! And yes, ladies, if you feel like it, you can wear denim shorts.
  • As the denim shorts are ultra-relaxed, I advise you to “dress” them up a bit by combining them with a top and more urban accessories.
  • The stylist’s tip: choose it loose enough (I take one or two sizes larger than ordinary jeans). And we don’t want the fabric of the pockets to exceed the length of the shorts.

Trend Info: like jeans, worn and ripped shorts (in moderation) are all the rage! I challenge you to try it.

Bermuda shorts

  • It would be best if you didn’t shy away from this slightly wiser version of it. Ideal for those looking for a middle ground between shorts and pants for the summer.
  • It has cut at the knee: some prefer it shorter, others a little longer, just under the kneecap.
  • Please note: as it is cut longer than others, it can weigh down the silhouette in some cases. If in doubt, a heeled shoe is ideal for lengthening the leg.

Trendy Info: Without being the hottest item of the summer, Bermuda shorts are not going out of style either. Don’t hesitate to combine it with other up-to-date clothes and accessories to bring it up to date.

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