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Electric facial brush: great help for a deep cleaning – 2023

Numerous people have never used an electric facial brush to clean the skin of the face, everything, and that isn’t something new and has been around for a long time. A facial brush grants us to spotless and shed the skin of the face quickly and without any problem. It will help us with looking more awe inspiring and better and delay the signs of inauspicious developing.

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What is an electric facial brush?

  1. It is an electronic device that allows the mechanical removal of superficial residues that accumulate on the skin of the face thanks to its rotary and vibratory movement of a series of cells and extraordinary heads.
  2. In this way, we get rid of the remains of dead skin, sebum, makeup, and dirt in general. It also performs an exfoliating job and is very useful for skin care.
  3. Its work will accompany by a product such as cleaning gel, makeup remover, or soap.
    I recommend the use of these brushes as they clean more uniformly and with more depth.

Why is it important to exfoliate the face?

  • Facial skin recuperates itself generally as expected.
  • The dead cells remain in the external area of the skin and replace by new ones.
  • During this time, facial skin appears dull, aged, dry, and dull.
  • It can solve by performing one or three weekly exfoliations, depending on the skin type, with the electric brush.
  • It helps us to a natural renewal of the skin and that it takes place naturally.

Advantages of deep facial cleansing

  1. The skin becomes more permeable to more efficiently absorb the nutrients provided and better oxygenate the new cells.
  2. All the products that we apply after cleansing and exfoliating with the electric brush will penetrate the skin better because it is well sanitized.
  3. Another advantage is that it produces hyperemia. Blood circulation stimulates collagen and elastin production make.
  4. If we subsequently apply a firming product, its effects double.
  5. They stimulate the regeneration of skin cells. The brush’s bristles get between the holes in the pores and remove dirt, impurities, dust from wrinkles, etc.
  6. When the exfoliation is manual, impurities remove.
  7. Still, everything never dragged as the brush does since its intensity is more significant, and the bristles reach the dirt more and better than the fingertips.
  8. In comparison, using a brush is like exfoliating five times manually.

Can the facial brush be used daily?

  • These electric facial brushes are highly recommended for daily cleansing as long as they are gentle, but they do not recommend being used for exfoliation more than three times a week.
  • Many people may think that the more the brush is passed, the better, but that can harm and cause damage to our skin in the long run.
  • It is recommended not to apply it for more than a minute to the face.
  • Never pass these brushes around the eyes. The orbicularis oculi is a very delicate area and can cause sagging.
  • I remind you again that cleaning your face with these brushes should never be done dry, always with a suitable product and wet skin.

Are they suitable for all skin types?

  1. It is better not to use this type of appliance for people with sensitive skin, very thin or diagnosed with rosacea.
  2. A very soft bristle brush can test, and I would recommend starting alternate days for cleaning. Try but always wisely.
  3. This type of skin must be taken care of a lot.
  4. The rest of ordinary, mix, and oily skin can be ideally used. It is more highly recommended to ensure deep cleaning.
  5. For acne skin, they would be indicated because deep cleaning is good for them. Be careful if there is any active outbreak; since then, it can temporarily worsen.
  6. For thicker leathers, brushes that are a little more “aggressive” and powerful are recommended since they clean more strongly.
  7. On the other hand, for more refined and more delicate skin, use a soft, fine, and soft brush.
  8. But always, it is important to apply a facial cream at the end of the cleaning and sunscreen if we are going to expose our skin to UV rays.

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