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Introducing Tanologist Drops- The Miracle Tan Enhancing Products

Tanologist Drops How to Use?

The most important thing to learn is how to use tanologist drops correctly. The drops exist because they’re a fantastic way to eliminate unwelcome tanning.


The drop itself is not meant to pierce the skin. It acts in this manner. Giving them something to take away is always an option, but there should be another approach.

Tanologist drops are the only technique to stop unwelcome tanning. The drops are a spray that uses a substance that penetrates your skin and kills anything covering it, making it seem as though you must repeat the process. The drops only work temporarily; they are not a long-term solution.

Tanologist drops are the most effective method for getting rid of extra tanning. They are a spray that penetrates your skin and kills whatever is covering it using a chemical.

The tanologist droplets are just stunning. You can spray them on a particular area of your body, such as your lips or forehead, in addition to spraying them on (which is what you do with the spray). Only one application is needed to eliminate the undesirable tanning; you don’t need to repeat it.

Get a tan on your lips and forehead if you poverty to get rid of facial tanning. What is killing you is the tan on your skin. The spray creates a tan-less tan. However, unlike a natural tan, the tan-less tan does not go away. It penetrates your pores deeply, but you can get rid of them by spraying them.

Smooth And Naughty

The spray does come in a variety of tastes. The most popular is applied on your face and referred to as “Smooth and Naughty.” It is claimed to assist you in removing undesirable tan and make your skin look smoother and more radiant, giving the impression that you are less worn out and under stress. The spray can also be applied to your ears to remove the noticeable dark brown areas.

To get rid of the dead black spots, you can spray on the backs of your hands and feet (which can also be done using the application of a light tanning lotion).

The spray makes your skin a lighter shade of brown, just like any toner would. But unlike any other, the spray adds more tan to your skin, not taking it off. The spray makes dead spots worse if you already have them; it does not eradicate them from your skin.

Tanologist Drops Face

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Mix a few drops with your skincare, cosmetics, or body care for a customized, nourished glow; This adaptable formula is ideal for both novice and seasoned tanners who enjoy a faux tan that looks natural; Shine increases as you add additional drops.

Without a shade guide, there are no clogged pores, skin-drying effects, and no tan transfer to linens or clothing.

Due to dermatological testing and approval, this face and body bronzer is suitable for sensitive skin types and devoid of irritants that can cause breakouts and congested pores.

The Pink Grapefruit, Goji Berry, and Juniper trio in our Tanologist Self Tanning Drops will brighten, smooth, and moisturize your skin; the non-comedogenic mix works with your current skincare and may be used for both the face and body.

Choose from one of the three customizable hues based on the outcome you want, and reapply as often as necessary: Choose the level of brightness you want by using 2–12 drops of Light Glow, Medium Tan, or Dark Bronze.

Tanologist Drops Medium

Tanologist tanning drops are an excellent way to get a tan while maintaining your usual skincare routine. They are easier to use and less messy than tanning mousses, and they will give you a beautiful glow as they absorb into your skin with your moisturizer.

Tanologist Drops Dark

Tanologist Self Tan Drops Dark has some positive qualities, but I believe you’d be better off looking elsewhere for the ideal tanning lotion. There is no color chart for Tanologist Face + Body Drops Dark because they are transparent drops. Since you incorporate it into your body moisturizer, this isn’t a significant deal and doesn’t cause any streakiness.

Face + Body Drops by the Tanologist Since dark drops are clear, there is no color palette. Since you incorporate it into your body moisturizer, this isn’t a significant deal and doesn’t cause any streakiness. My moisturizer didn’t feel any different after applying it or drying as I had anticipated.

Tanologist Drops Review

before after

I give Tanologist Self Tan Drops Dark one out of five stars after tanning using it.

It seems like an excellent product at first glance. Incorporate a few drops of moisturizer into the self-tanner. The drying process is swift and doesn’t require adding extra steps to your skincare regimen.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a tan produced by it, and what little difference there is disappears within a couple of days. This product is a loser when combined with the lingering self-tanner odor.

Tanologist Self Tan Drops Dark has some positive qualities, but I believe you’d be better off looking elsewhere for the ideal tanning lotion.

Tanologist Drops Before and After

Smell (Before Application)

When you initially mix Tanologist Self Tan Drops Dark into your moisturizer, it has a perfume-like aroma.

The aroma, which isn’t overpowering, dissipates once you combine it with your moisturizer.

Smell (After Several Hours And The Next Day)

After approximately three hours, we noticed that I was starting to smell like a self-tanner, which I initially thought was just in my brain.

It wasn’t overbearing, but a foul odor was in the background. We were stuck smelling like that until I had my next shower since I didn’t want to wash off my moisturizer.