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Paraffin warmer for moisturizing hand and foot treatment

The function of a paraffin warmer machine is to raise and maintain the paraffin wax at a specific temperature. In such a way that it can apply according to the purpose in mind and thus take advantage of its different properties through the principles of thermotherapy.

It is of great help to mitigate the pain experienced by older adults, or even caused by external causes and beauty treatments, and aesthetic purposes. A paraffin warmer helps us achieve the melting point for optimal use.

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But what is paraffin?


  • Paraffin is a mineral oil mainly derive from hydrocarbons and other minerals such as coal to a lesser extent.
  • It will be in liquid or solid form and has multiple applications in different industries, especially pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Many beauty products include it in their composition.
  • Such as creams and lip balms, since their ability to provide softness to the skin and, above all, hydrate creating a protective film that prevents the loss of skin moisture.
  • Which has made it the protagonist for products of this type, subjecting them to exhaustive quality controls that guarantee their safety.

Paraffin properties

  1. Its use is prevalent in beauty centers to improve the appearance of hands and feet. Why? Because one of the most valued properties of paraffin is its moisturizing power.
  2. Very used when we change the season of the year or when we suffer from sudden changes in temperature, where our skin suffers from dehydration, lack of elasticity, dryness, peeling, and cracked skin.
  3. When applying to the skin, a film is formed that retains the loss of moisture and hydration, preserving the skin’s temperature.
  4. It acts in a thermal insulating way that induces the elimination of toxins and the failure of fluids.
  5. Its use is prevalent in the food industry or the manufacture of candles and as a reducing agent in physiotherapy as a pain reliever.

Paraffin use and benefits in cosmetics

  • Its use on different parts of the body such as wrists, hands, shoulders, elbows, feet, thighs, knees, etc … You will have healthy and smooth skin, especially after your manicure and pedicure.
  • Also, as a facial mask, although the paraffin treatment on the face must be only applied by a professional.
  • As a reducing agent, liquid can use on arms, jowls, hips, abdomen, and legs.
  • since it reduces localized fat by contrasting the heat of the paraffin and subsequently applying cold.
  • In physiotherapy, it is usually used as a pain reliever, and in arthritic and rheumatological processes, stiffness, contracture, sprains, tendinitis, etc.….
  • It stimulates blood circulation because the heat acts as a vasodilator, increasing the blood flow in the veins.

How to apply paraffin

Paraffin warmer

Clean the area well and apply a moisturizer (recommended). When the paraffin is hot in the paraffin warmer, about 45-50 ºC, use it in either of its two possible ways:

  • Dipping the area you want to treat in the container where the paraffin is, separating the fingers. Then you remove the area and wait for the paraffin to solidify.
  • Apply the paraffin in the area with a brush as many times as necessary to achieve a thick layer.
  • In any case, once the paraffin has been applied, cover the area with insulation, paper, plastic, or preparation, as well as a towel to keep it warm.
  • Wait about 15 minutes and carefully remove the wrap and paraffin.
  • If you intend to apply the paraffin for reducing treatments, treat the liquid paraffin on the area at a warm temperature and accompany this with a message to activate circulation.
  • Then, put on thermal blankets to stimulate the elimination of toxins. After at least 15 minutes, remove the paraffin, apply cold to cause vasoconstriction, and finish reducing treatment.
  • After paraffin treatment, skin appears smoother, smoother, and looks improved.

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