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Electric Epilator: Don’t Go Like a Yeti This Quarantine

Electric Epilator is a small device capable of removing hair from the roots.

It is undeniable that we have to think about waxing with a certain frequency, especially in summer, or swimming all year round. Making an appointment with the beautician for this work implies having free time to schedule our waxing, and this is sometimes not so easy.

In addition, you have to add the price, not always cheap, of each session, and that, hopefully, they do it more or less well, and you don’t have to get home and take the tweezers to do a review.

Unfortunately, and in the strange times that we have had to live with the Covid-19 pandemic, we find that they force to close the beauty centers, but the hair is not quarantined and continue to grow, with what we have to look for a solution to our problem.

Luckily, we have different options to wax at home and find the other advantages that this brings us.

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What is an electric epilator, and how does it work?

electric epilators

  1. It is a small device capable of removing hair from the roots.
  2. Instead of working with blades like razors, electric epilators have a rotating head that grabs the hair and pulls it directly by the roots
  3. When you do it with tweezers, but instead of hair by hair, we have the advantage that epilation gets much faster.
  4. It is the best option compared to other alternatives to depilate because it pulls your hair out by the roots, and thus you are waxed longer than if you cut it
  5. And the time it takes to wax is shorter than if you have to move to have it done, or even do it with wax yourself.
  6. There are powerful and fast machines, and in no time, you are perfectly waxed.
  7. Some of these electric epilators have accessories to help protect and avoid the sensation of pain on the skin.
  8. They are easy to use, transportable, and do not require extras such as foams, soaps, etc. And you remove your hair when it suits you.
  9. It may seem expensive when you buy it, but it is only once, and I assure you that you pay it off right away, with few uses that you give it.
  10. I have used it for many years, and I only see advantages.

Two types of electric epilators

It is essential to differentiate between the two types of electric epilators that exist:

Shaving epilator

  • shaving epilators are very similar to razors.
  • They cut hair and do not pluck it, and this means that you have to be using them every two or three days and punish the skin a lot by shaving it.
  • Indeed, they do not cause pain, and that hair removal is speedy, but they should only be used by people with slow-growing and fine hair or with little hair.

Electric starter epilator

  • The electric starter epilator works with rollers made up of small tweezers that catch the hair and pull it out by the roots.
  • There are models of these devices that include several different types of heads for areas such as English or armpits.
  • It takes a little longer to wax, but waxing lasts much longer than with razors.
  • These are somewhat more painful, and at first, we may notice some discomfort, but it is not difficult to get used to them.

Essential things to keep in mind

  1. The more heads you have, the faster the hair removal and the less pain it causes.
  2. If you bring different types of interchangeable heads, much better because we can also wax English and armpits and shave our legs.
  3. There are machines with ceramic heads, and they are especially recommended for hypoallergenic skin.
  4. There are wireless or wired. Both are effective, but the wireless ones are much more comfortable to use in the shower when traveling, and we do not have a plug nearby. Of course, you always have to remember to have it recharged before.
  5. The more tweezers each head has, the better since it will pick up more hair in each pass, and we will not have to repeat the area, thus avoiding irritating the skin.
  6. There are models with a built-in light to see fine and light hair better and facilitate waxing.
  7. The hair that we have to depilate has to be 1 to 3 mm long so that the machine can pick it up and remove it.
  8. Always pass the epilator in the opposite direction from which the hair is born and grows. If you do it after a shower with hot water, it will be easier since the pores will be more dilated.
  9. On the other hand, it is suitable for people susceptible to pain to place an ice pack in the area to wax. Some models incorporate a cold system for this reason.
  10. Fundamental is that we always clean the machine when we finish shaving.
  11. I recommend using a moisturizing cream after your waxing and, above all, avoid exposure to the sun for at least the next 24 hours.

Advantages of electric epilator

electric epilators

  • They are efficient for waxing almost any part of the body.
  • Does not leave stains: just as epilation with razors or wax can leave stains on the skin, you can avoid this by using electric epilators.
  • In general, they are pretty cheap, and they pay off quickly if we consider how much we pay for each session in a beauty center.
  • They have accessories and functions that make hair removal less painful
    You save time if you use waterproof electric epilators.

Drawbacks of electric epilator

  • They are painful, some more than others, but being a root hair removal process, something painful is.
  • Depending on which machine you choose, it can be a somewhat tedious process.
  • I recommend investing a little more in an excellent electric epilator and that epilating at home is comfortable and fast.
  • It is a somewhat tedious process, and some women prefer to pay for their waxing because someone else takes care of that problem. In this case, you will have to do everything on your own.

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