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Best Body Lotions Of 2021 For All Skin Types


Body lotions have the primary function of hydrating the skin and should be part of your basic routine to have healthy and beautiful skin. So within daily personal care, hydration must be present through a good body lotion since the body needs it.

It should note that each skin has very different characteristics and needs, so it is necessary to know your skin to select the best body lotion.

Above all, because body lotions tend to be confused with creams, and the fact that their use and application are very different depending on the type of skin where they are going to be applied.

You will find many options for body lotions in the market, but the truth is that not all have the best composition or have ingredients that are not recommended.

That is why you should know the best body lotions, learning the details of each of their characteristics to facilitate its choice, totally according to your needs.

What is body lotion?

  • They are products made for body care.
  • They tend to have a less dense, fluid, and more liquid consistency. It is because it is made up of more water.
  • In addition, its composition does not include soap, which makes it an ideal product for sensitive skin or those who suffer from allergies.
  • Every day atopic skin types are more frequent, which are intolerant to many products.
  • Body lotions help to restore the natural state and soothe damaged skin.

Benefits of using a body lotion

Many brands are excellent substitutes for shower gels, avoiding the damage that traditional shower gels can cause.

They are the best alternative for the most intolerant skins, which have an allergy or dermatitis.

  • Facilitates cleaning of the body.
  • They are a very fluid product, so it does not leave residues on the skin.
  • Respects the natural balance of the skin.
  • It can apply all over the body.
  • They hydrate, nourish, regenerate and tone the skin.
  • It protects the skin from the sun’s rays and adverse climatic elements.
  • They soften and refresh.

Correct application of a body lotion

It could not indicate that a lotion is of poor quality or that it is not favorable if it has not given the correct application.

It is very common to apply body lotion quickly after bathing, without knowing that specific ways will help you obtain the actual benefits of a body lotion.


  • To combat it with a body lotion and obtain the best hydration, you should apply the product after showering.
  • At that time, the pores are dilated, and the moisture will facilitate their rapid absorption.
  • Try to do it immediately in just minutes afterward and with damp skin.


  • When applying it, you must do it with a massage on the areas you want to work.
  • In this way, you will activate blood circulation and thus stimulate the dissolution of adipose tissue.
  • The best body lotion that you can use for this effect is one that is dense so that it also hydrates your skin.

Tired legs

  • Gently and without exerting much pressure, massage the legs upward, starting at the ankle to the thigh, as you apply the body lotion.

When to apply body lotion

Many would believe that applying the body lotion is not relevant, but it is very important.

Many specialists believe that body care should have the same discipline as a treatment: order and frequency in which it does not vary.

Much of the success of body care depends on it, specifically on the skin.

One of the reasons you should have a good care routine is that the skin is subjected to constant humidity, temperature, and many factors that influence the skin.

The guidelines for the application is as follows

  1. Clean the skin before applying the body lotion or any other product, being the best moment when leaving the bathroom.
  2. Body lotion works best when applied to damp skin, so the ingredients penetrate more when they dissolve.
  3. The skin should never be cold as the pores will not enlarge, and the ingredients will not be absorbed.
  4. Apply the lotion with the fingertip without rubbing or stretching the skin. After having been absorbed, tap the skin, also with the fingertips, thus ensuring the penetration of the body lotion.

Guide to choosing the best body lotion

Type of skin.

  1. This aspect is essential since many lotions are specifically for a skin type, so it will not give you the expected results if you buy the wrong one.
  2. The vast majority of body lotions favor sensitive skin.
  3. First, you should know that the highest content of body lotions is water.
  4. Hence its texture is much lighter than creams.
  5. Ensure that its other components are of natural origin so that the skin absorbs all the nutrients.
  6. It would help if you looked for lotions that do not contain parabens, as according to researchers, they are potentially carcinogenic
  7. A body lotion should apply regularly and even twice a day if possible, so you will find it likely to buy large presentations.
  8. In addition, as they must apply throughout the body, they tend to wear out faster than others.
  9. Another aspect is that it must be a cream that must apply quickly and comfortably, which does not leave the skin feeling greasy.
  10. That is why before buying a body lotion, you must make sure you know each of these aspects so that you can hit the best body lotion and thus benefit from the results.

Some of the best body lotion of 2021

  • Neutrogenic body lotion
  • Dove Dermaspa Body Lotion
  • ISDIN Ureadin body lotion
  • Physiogel body lotion