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Manicure set: essential for your nails

When it comes to personal care, we all know that having a good manicure set is essential.
Having a manicure set with all the necessary tools to keep the nails in perfect condition helps us create an excellent base to shape the nails before applying a polish, which is the icing on the cake.

Hands and nails are one of our calling cards when we interact.

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What is essential to keep in mind?

manicure set

  • Unfortunately, sloppiness is something that happens to us much more often than we would like.
  • Can you imagine enameled nails but with thick cuticles or an irregular cut? Oh my God !. Taking care of our hands (nails included) is essential for anyone.
  • For me, the most important thing to take into account is the quality of the materials.
  • In the market, we find everything; products that seem like Paris Eyelash Academy, a lot of design and little functionality, real useless cuteness, top quality, professional, stainless, and above all functional items.
  • I comment on the latter because many times, when we buy a case, most people only see that it has many tools, although most of them do not even know what they are for and, of course, never use them.

What is the basic that a manicure kit includes?

I’m going to go over some of the essential tools that a perfect manicure kit should contain.

1.- To cut nails: Good scissors, nail clippers, or pliers are essential

2.- Files: If you like to have perfect nails, it is good that you always have a file on hand. I also mention that it would be nice to have electric nail polish for a more professional finish.

Logically this is not included in the case, but consider having one at home, and you will see the difference. After polishing your nails with electric nail polish, they will be shiny.

3.- Cuticles: To fix the cuticles, the cases usually bring some pliers (the complete ones get generally nail pliers and another for cuticles) and also a cuticle remover which is that stick with two skewers, and sometimes an orange bar.

If the orange stick does not come in the case and you want to buy it, it is cheap and easy to find in the market, and perhaps the least aggressive way to remove cuticles.

From these three basics, you can expand your manicure set whatever you want and need. In each case, you will find several tools, depending on how completely it is.

Sets and electric files for a manicure

Here I present two manicure kits and an electric filer so that you can choose what best suits you for your needs. With any of these products, you will be correct, and you will be delighted.

  1.  Giesen & Forsthoff 5-piece manicure set

manicure set2. MarQus -12 Piece Manicure and Pedicure Set in Leather

manicure set3. MelodySusie Sheen Electric Nail Drill.

manicure set

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