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Long Hairstyles for women over 50

If you don’t care about dusty rules and follow a few care tips, you can also wear long hairstyles from 50 without hesitation. Fortunately, the idea that women of a certain age should wear a short hairstyle is long outdated, and stylish women from their 50s wear the long hairstyle with pride. But it’s true: our hair volume decreases over the years. That said, if we want your hair to be long, strong, healthy, and shiny, we need to take care of hair little more.

As women get older, many things change in their lives – their dress style, their hobbies and they start to enjoy everything to the fullest. We can’t stop the aging process, but just because we’re no longer in our thirties doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style. No matter how old we are, finding the right haircut that highlights our features and style always remains a significant challenge.

There is a tendency for many older women to opt for a short hairstyle, which is not bad. After all, a pixie cut looks great for women over 50 beautiful and super easy to care for. But long and well-groomed hair looks at least as good with age, provided it suits the wearer. Numerous stars and celebrities clearly show that hairstyles for women over 50 with long hair can be incredibly flattering and stylish.

Layered hairstyles for women from 50

  • When it comes to hairstyles over 50 with long hair, it is important to find a haircut that suits your hair structure.
  • Unfortunately, with age, our mane can lose a bit of shape and volume. The best way to counter hairstyle is to add levels.
  • A long and smooth mane can sometimes look elongated, and it doesn’t look so beneficial if all strands of hair are of the same length.
    On the other hand, a step cut provides more movement and liveliness and makes us look fresher and younger immediately.
  • With fine hair, however, the following applies: less is more. Too many steps make the lengths appear stringy and brittle.

Bangs hairstyles for women over 50 with long hair

  • Looking younger and successfully concealing a few lines or a high forehead? With great bangs for long hair over 50, this is possible.
  • Bangs add a modern and refreshing twist to any haircut, making them the perfect choice for those who want a subtle change.
  • Whether short, long, straight, or angled bangs – the selection is vast, and there is the perfect pony hairstyle for every face and hair type.
  • In addition, a pony can perfectly frame the face and focus on the cheekbones and eyes.

Cheeky hairstyles for women over 50 with long hair

  • The shag is the trend hairstyle from the 70s and is celebrating a big comeback this year.
  • For this, the hair is grade, and the different layers should appear fringed and uneven.
  • The variants range from very traditional to modern and playful, with long bangs that hang down into the eyes.
  • The typical undone look works with any hair structure and provides more volume and fullness, especially with fine hair.
  • And the best thing? The trend hairstyle is super easy to care for and can style in a few simple steps in the shortest possible time.

Long Hairstyles for women over 50: the most beautiful looks of celebrities

What can inspire us more for our new hairstyle than our favorite stars? With some celebrities, we are always amazed to hear their age, and we have to admit that they just look flawless.

Not only do they have a dream body and beautiful skin, but they show us how flattering hairstyles really are for women over 50 with long hair.

After all, age is only a number and every woman should feel as comfortable as she wants.

Demi Moore’s ultra-long hair looks fabulous

  • Do you remember when you dreamed of having Rapunzel-long hair as a child?
  • Well, that is still possible today! Demi Moore is clear evidence that long hair is a good idea at any age.
  • Her long mane is the perfect inspiration for anyone who is not yet sure whether long hairstyles are appropriate from 50.
  • The actress and fashion legend already showed herself in November 2020 with her ultra-long hair that reached down to her bottom and one thing is for sure – at 58 she really couldn’t look better!

Julianne Moore and her perfect long haircut from 50

  • Every woman should feel elegant and great in her skin and Julianne Moore is living proof of that.
  • The actress is one of our favorite redheads on the red carpet and she celebrated her 60th birthday last year.
  • Just amazing, isn’t it? Julianne Moore shows us that long hairstyles for women over 50 can still look amazing.

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