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Why it is important to live accompanying motherhood

It is important to live motherhood with women who are in the same stage as you

It is very important to experience accompanying motherhood by women who are in the same stage as you. Motherhood is one of the most complex experiences that we can live as women.

In addition to being a great job, it is accompanied by a roller coaster of emotions and sensations and unpredictable situations that take us by surprise.

Therefore, it is important to have a tribe that accompanies us.

And although the advice and experiences of other women with more years being mothers are good and valuable.

Living it alongside other mothers in the same stage as you help more not to feel alone and better deal with the ups and downs of being. Motherhood.

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The importance of being and feeling accompanying motherhood

  • It is very important to be and feeling accompanied during the transition to motherhood.
  • As we know, it can be very lonely at times, and dealing with so many new experiences, having someone to support us emotionally is undoubtedly essential.
  • The truth is that the best advice and the best support comes from other women who understand what we are going through.
  • Connecting with mothers who know how we feel helps make the most challenging moments of motherhood more bearable.
  • It is not to say that parenting books and sites are useless or that advice from more experienced mothers is not good.
  • All of them are useful, and in many cases, they can help us better understand how to do things and give us an orientation about what we should or should not do.
  • However, there is nothing more comforting when it comes to emotional support than having someone by our side who is living the same as us and understands what we are experiencing.
  • And if someone needs a lot of emotional support, they are a new mother.

Having mother friends with children the same age as yours

 accompanying motherhood

  1. I think that having mother friends with children the same age as yours is something that helps you stay sane.
  2. Sometimes some stages can be very confusing or overwhelming and having someone who understands it at that moment helps you not feel like you are going crazy or feel that you are failing as a mother.
  3. Being able to send a message when both are awake in those early mornings that seem eternal, ask for advice when your children go through a difficult stage
  4. And also, able to vent freely with someone who understands you one hundred percent, are some of the things that are having mother friends can bring you.

How do I find an accompanying motherhood tribe?

  • Sure, having a support network of mothers is said easy, but it is not always.
  • Finding other moms who have children of the same age can get tricky, but luckily, there are many ways to search and find your tribe of moms to join you.
  • For example, if you enroll your child in a class or visit a park or square frequently, you might meet other mothers with children of similar ages.
  • If you’re pregnant, it doesn’t necessarily have to wait for your baby to be born, as you can even start making friends with other mothers by taking part in birthing classes. Another mother is looking for you somewhere


Another option, and the one that has worked in my case, is that I am not physically close to other mothers with children of the same age as my daughter, but fortunately and with the use of social networks, I have been able to form a virtual tribe that accompanies in the distance, and that is only a call or a text message.

So, because being a mother is not always accessible and because it can be comforting to hear “it happens to me too” or “I feel the same way,” I consider it extremely important to experience motherhood accompanied by women who are in the same stage than you.

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