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How to use white eyeliner in your beauty routine


White eyeliner is not considered one of the essential cosmetics to put on makeup in our day to day. And although many of us do not dare to use it, there are some very useful tricks that expert makeup artists put into practice and that are great for giving our eyes a much more attractive appearance. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading this OneHowTo article and discover how to use white eyeliner in your beauty routine, you’ll end up including it in your makeup product kit.

How to use white eyeliner

How to use white eyeliner

Steps to follow:

1.   Are your eyes too small, and you want to enlarge them? Well, the white eyeliner can become your best ally. It is ideal for making the eyes look larger and open.

You should only apply the white or cream eyeliner in the lower waterline and subtly so that it does not look excessively since the task is to achieve a more awake and luminous look.

2.   If you have an important meeting or event and notice that your eyes are exhausted and fatigued, white eyeliner can offer you a good solution.

Apply a bit of eyeliner just in the area of the tear near the nose to bring a greater luminosity and vitality to your eyes.

In this case, the white eyeliner will act as a very natural and flawless matte highlighter for every day.

3.  To highlight the expressiveness of the face much more and show off beautiful and well-defined eyebrows, we recommend applying a little white eyeliner just below the eyebrow’s arch.

Do not forget to blend the product very well until it completely integrates with your skin tone.

See the article How to pluck eyebrows according to the face to find the most flattering shape for you.

4.  The eyeshadow primer is an ideal cosmetic to achieve more fixation of color on the eyelids. But, if we don’t have a primer, we can use white eyeliner instead.

Apply it on the mobile eyelid, blurring it very well, and then apply the shadow of the color that you like the most.

It will help you to intensify the color and keep your eye makeup intact for longer.

5.  Other uses of white eyeliner that we can take advantage of cover and camouflage those persistent red spots.

To test it, you have to apply it on the spots just before using your makeup concealer.

6.  And, of course, the most daring can choose instead of the classic black eyeliner.

white eyeliner to place on the upper lashes. It takes some practice to avoid wearing unflattering eye makeup.

If we know how to control it well and make a good line, we can achieve a more youthful and modern look.

How to apply white eyeliner to give your eye a more extensive look

  • White eyeliner is highly feared. It can be enjoyable and exciting, creating shocking special effects on the eyes.
  • It is only a matter of knowing where to apply it so as not to obtain unwanted results.
  • If we have large eyes, we must be careful when using them since placed on the line under the lashes will make them look larger. It’s not recommended for people with droopy eyes.
  • Putting the eyeliner in this way will help people with small, sunken eyes or those with oriental features.
  • On the other hand, placing it on the upper lashes can give a spectacular or catastrophic appearance, depending on how much practice we have with it.
  • Therefore, it is best to avoid it to go out and practice much earlier at home.
  • It is highly recommended to use white eyeliner on the inner edges of the eyes when we are tired to give an awake appearance. To apply it, you have to draw a V in the inner corners of the eye.
  • Another way is to use it to form layers of color to apply a broad layer of white eyeliner and then outline commonly on top with brown eyeliner or any other color that we want, which will give an excellent look.
  • It is also helpful to change the eyeshadow color to achieve a much softer effect by applying it before or after the shadow – depending on the desired result.
  • Also, by putting it on the eye before the shadows.
  • It will act as a foundation that will allow it to remain intact all day.
  • If white doesn’t suit you, you can try pearl white, silver, gold, or champagne.

Other uses of white eyeliner

  • White eyeliner can use beyond the eyes, placing it on the eyebrows to give them the desired shape.
  • And also, highlighting the brow bone so that it appears more prominent.
  • You can also highlight the lips by applying a little white liner on the lip line, especially where the curve forms.
  • It can use on small red spots, and before the concealer, in those people where these spots are very persistent.
  • And although it may seem incredible to you, white eyeliner can use for a quick French manicure, which will give your nails a stunning look.

The best white eyeliners

We want to make you a list of recommended white eyeliners.

If you don’t get any of these or don’t like them, don’t worry. It’s just a matter of you feeling comfortable.

  • NYX brand eyeliner
  • Rimmel brand eyeliner
  • Kajal by Stila
  • Baby Eyes by Paula Dorf


White eyeliner did not consider an essential cosmetics to make ourselves up in our daily lives. And although many of us do not dare to use it, there are some beneficial tricks that professional makeup artists put into practice that is great to give our eyes a much more attractive appearance.

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