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Exploring the Wide-Ranging Options in a Red Wedding Gown

The past year has seen a shift in focus on bridal fashion. Earlier, yellow-hued gowns and the white gowns in floral displays made a common choice. But the wedding gown designers took inspiration from personal style instead of seasonal themes this time, focusing on the distinctive individuality that the new brides are craving. Even both couples-to-be are taking time to consider what they truly want for their big day and how to express that through style at the ceremony and in every aspect of the wedding. It includes dinner, reception, after-party, to all the events in between. And that’s why even designers are obliging.

If you don’t believe it, check the new collections with bolder collections comprising red bridal dresses. The color has long been a choice for many brides globally and is also making an impact in the West. Nowadays, many brides-to-be are opting to wear cream or white dresses for a more modern look at their ceremony. Still, traditional ceremonies are finding the rising trend of the color red, which symbolizes good luck, celebration, happiness, romance, love, and health. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot wear a red gown if you are not following the traditional path. The latest red outfits are as traditional and contemporary as you may desire. Take a look at wedding dresses in red – for an idea.

So, do you want to include red color in your wedding dress theme? Here are some style suggestions or trendy highlights to make your decision easy.

Mermaid gowns

A red wedding gown traditionally stands for glamour and romance. If you decide to make your bridal dress using poppy color, it’ll be hard not to look at you from the crowd of guests. The bright red color and an hourglass figure will make everyone speechless. But to make sure you wear a design that complements your curves perfectly, choosing a mermaid-style gown can be tremendous—something with intricate lacework and a catchy neckline like a deep V cut. The base material can be satin, silk, velvet, net, or something else. Just get the full details before selecting this type of design as your wedding ensemble.

Ball gowns

Your guests will remember how you looked in a red classic Disney princess silk-style dress. Such dresses are unforgettable when you want to look gorgeous on your special day. The luxury of silk fabric and cascade-like design will highlight your curves and create a head-turning statement. It would be best to be careful with the color red for plus-size brides. It can make them appear bigger than they are, and their physique possibly won’t seem flattering beneath this shade in this style. If you still want to choose this, look for a ball gown that doesn’t look voluminous. It will somewhat neutralize the effect.

Empire waist gowns

While the empire waist styles in red wedding dresses look like chic debutantes, brides can rely on them on their special day for a more dazzling look. These can lean toward simplicity, but you can also appear in them on different occasions. Something an environmentally friendly bride-to-be may appreciate. The flowing silk or chiffon fabric with a neatly done bodice in the same base can echo a festive mood when added with a bit of lacy charm. Some gowns also look fabulous when prepared with beads. These instantly get that luxe vibe while maintaining their humble yet sophisticated look.

Red and gold dress

Everyone knows that combining red and gold colors means increasing the elegance and luxury of wedding gowns. These colors can create a traditional Western ensemble. However, don’t exclusively relegate them to classic formal wedding gowns or other such formal wear. With a striking contrast, these two colors complement each other in many ways. As both colors are warm and inviting, traditional red and gold (and other choices and combinations with various shades of the same color theme) can never go out of fashion. You can trust these elements for lending a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind effect to your wedding gown. Get something with fine embroidery work, sequins, or beaded charm for a fuller impact.

Open back gown

Today, open-back gowns are trending in the market. And this is excellent news for all brides as they can make an attractive choice without sacrificing comfort or coverage. Having an open back on your wedding dress is entirely acceptable and is not uncommon for many modern women. The most important thing when deciding whether or not your dress should have this feature, especially in red color, is that it should have a high neck design on the front. The covered front and open back can look elegant, sexy, and pleasant. Another highlight to watch out for in this style can be the choice of sleeve. With full-length sleeves, this type of styling syncs well.

Puff sleeve gowns

Few wedding dresses spark such a dramatic response as the red dress with statement sleeves like this. The show-stopping red dress with subtle high-low cut, deep front neck, and sexy open back with delicate beadwork embellishment can leave an audience of guests speechless. The overall outfit can be a vision when you dance the whole night while rejoicing at every moment of the big day, even though you have already walked the aisle and now celebrating the nuptial knot with family and friends.

Sequined wrap dress

Having a fabulous wedding can feel like a daunting task, but there are plenty of lovely dresses out there that will make it feel less of a headache to get ready on the big day. For instance, if you’re looking for an elegant wedding dress, one style you ought to consider is the sequin wrap dress. It is also a trendy choice for many brides today. With this piece of artistry, you’ll be able to step into your ceremony with poise and confidence! And it looks super striking during summertime’s hot weather because of its ability to make any bride look incredible as she casually glides down the aisle. You can elevate the overall appeal of this style by many notches up by adding strappy heels and handpicked jewelry pieces.

Strapless draped gown

Do you want to create a dramatic and bold effect with a wedding gown in red but still feel inclined to play it safe? A gorgeous piece of strapless draped details with a statement banded waist, asymmetric hemline, and a tiered tulle design on the side is sure to steal attention. For the finishing touches, go ahead and add one of your stunning accessories. You don’t have to worry about anything else because it looks stylish, breezy, fabulous, and everything that makes it the clever pick.

Side panel gown

Today’s women tend to be concerned with finding a wedding dress that has on-trend styling, even when it comes to the vital side panel gown selections. After all, brides don’t want to wear something that dates old-fashioned just so that they can fit in with their heavily decorated venue and ceremony decorations. If you are one of them but slightly different because of your whimsical choices, consider taking a plunge with a silky red wedding gown with sheer tulle side panels. It can be overall lightweight material, helping you walk down the aisle effortlessly. But the sleeveless and body-hugging shape can add a unique dimension. Find something with a square neck cut and spaghetti straps to show a bit of your bold shade without revealing too much.

V neck draped gown

Show off your romance with an elegant, modern drape dress. Made from pure silk with a low neckline with deep front slit, it would make a beautiful dress that can leave everyone gasping for more. Because of its plunging neckline, you can wear your statement necklace also to wow the crowd. Don’t feel surprised if you have everyone talking about your masterpiece.

Chinese-style short dress

Amid plenty of western options, you can also go for something as traditional as the Chinese outfit Qipao. These primarily come in cotton or silk material for their luxurious appeal. The dress stands out for its form-fitting shape and high neckline. Something of shorter length with tassel details and pleats can be an updated modern version, suitable for a reception. Some choices may even give the dress a unique look by adding a highlight, such as a sheer silk material on the shoulders to make it more contemporary.

Satin midi dress

A ruched satin midi dress can be the modern version of Asian style QiPao, a traditional Chinese costume. But if you find something in brick-red color, the outfit could feel breezier yet stylish, suitable for other special occasions like dinner parties or business events and not just your big day. The satin fabric with elegant design and features and a streamlined slit can look pretty perfect. You will have nailed the ideal wedding appearance when you wear them with glittery heels.

As you must have noticed, even something in the red theme has so much to offer to the brides-to-be. Hence, you can opt for this color in your wedding gown without worries.