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How to dye your hair blonde without damaging it?

Blonde hair is a highly sought-after tone due to the elegant and sensual appearance it transmits. Many celebrities with brown skin have changed their color from dark to blonde hair and have shown that this tone can look spectacular with any skin type. You have to know it shows off.

The idea of dying blonde may seem very tempting, but there are several essential things to keep in mind before dyeing.

  • What should you think twice before dying blonde?
  • Two severe mistakes people make when they dye blonde
  • What color of blonde to choose?
  • The two ways to dye your hair blonde and which one to choose
  • Is it better to do it at home or in a salon?
  • How to avoid damaging the hair during dyeing? And much more.

How to dye your hair blonde step by step?

If your hair is dark, getting the desired blonde tone is not an easy task. For this reason, we will guide you with some tips and advice so that you can get the blonde you dream of yourself.

Next, we give you the following steps so that you look an excellent perfect blonde.

Step 1:

  • If your case is very dark hair to lighten it, we recommend that you use a blonde tone.
  • People with reddish-toned skin should preferably cool blondes so that their face color does not look redder when using a warm tint.
  • Sand blonde or champagne tones are ideal.

Step 2:

  • If you want a light blonde tone that requires several bleaching, those will dye their hair blonde for the first time.
  • They can do it without bleaching it, betting on two or three shades lighter to the color of their hair and following the instructions on the container exactly.
  • And also, without leaving the bleach in place for more than 45 minutes.

Step 3:

  • For this step, you must combine the dye of your choice, that is, the desired blonde that you choose, together with the hydrogen peroxide volume.
  • Then separate your hair into parts and apply it with a dye brush being careful not to strain yourself.
  • We recommend using a towel that you don’t use so much to place on your neck and avoid staining your skin with dye.
  • Step 4:
    To finish now, let it act for 40 minutes and after this time, proceed to rinse it with plenty of water and preferably toning shampoo so that the color of your blonde lasts.
  • Select a good cut style and blow dry it to start looking fabulous. Wearing blonde hair is a risk that is worth taking.
  • Once you have obtained it, remember to use moisturizers and coconut or almond oils to maintain its shine and vitality.

What dyes to mix to get a blonde hair color?

Obtaining a blonde tone is quite sought after, and best of all, it is super easy to achieve. For this, you will need:

  • Bleaching powder.
  • Violet toning shampoo.
  • Blonde tint according to your taste.
  • Peroxide.


We will use the peroxide to mix it with the bleaching powder, while the volume peroxide will be used to mix it with the desired blonde tint.

Bleaching powder

As the blonde tone is light, it is necessary to bleach; this way, we will have certainty that the style will be as we wish.

The height of the discoloration will correspond to the height of the blonde tone that we have selected; that is, it can be 7, 8, 9, or 10, depending on the numbering of our dye.

Bleach powder and 20 volume peroxide should be mixed 1: 2. The application time will depend on the tone height that we must obtain at the end.

Violet toning shampoo

It is usual for bleaching to leave dark orange or yellow spots on the hair. We are going to neutralize these stains by applying a violet toning shampoo for 15 minutes.

Blonde tints

  • Dark blond
  • Light blonde
  • Very light blonde
  • Very light blonde


To fix the blonde pigments well, it is essential to use all the products in the dye package, including the conditioner, which applies after coloring the highlights. It will help you seal your cuticles better and give your hair more shine, so your new look looks flawless.