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Hats and Suits: Why the Combination Is All Time Favorite for Men

The fashion industry goes through many changes. The outfit or fashion accessory that is trending today might get out of touch tomorrow. Even though the industry changes constantly, nothing beats the effectiveness of the hats.

The suits and hats complement each other. This is why most men combine their fedora hats and their suit to showcase a formal appearance. The hat and suit you choose make your appearance more polished. Here are some hats that you should try with your suits.


The method you pick to accessorize your suits will communicate plenty about your boldness and personality. If you’re trying to attain a complicated and bohemian vibe along with your healthy, you want to don’t forget the trilby hats. The trilby hats are surely one of the maximum popular hats in the marketplace. The trilby hats are very an awful lot same to the fedora hats. However, they feature a less supposed crown and a shorter brim. Trilby hats are a super manner to decorate the character of your man or woman. Additionally, whilst you pair trilby hats with suits, you can get a whimsical look. The trilby hats are exceptional for carrying at enterprise or different styles of formal conferences.


The bowler hats started gaining popularity after the great Charlie Chaplin started wearing them in his show. The bowler is another famous and effective hat you should pair with your suits. The bowler hats paired with dark-colored suits will help you develop a mystical approach. People will not only praise your fashion sense but also your personality. If you’re planning to attend a formal gathering, you should choose the bowler hats.

Fedora Hats 

The fedoras for men are one of the most classic hats you can find in the market that has endured various changes since their introduction in the 19th century. The fedora hats come with an intended, pinched crown as well as a soft brim. From wool to straw, manufacturers use different materials to craft the fedora hats. Due to their popularity, fedora hats come in various styles and shapes. This is why they are perfect to combine with your suits.

If you’re carrying an eye-catching fedora hat in addition to an appealing and applicable suit, you may be able to stand apart from the gang.

Even even though those are the 3 exceptional hats you could pair together with your fits, take into account that the process isn’t smooth. If you don’t know how to put on these hats together with your suits, you gained’t be able to fashion them well. Whether you’re attending a proper or casual event, hats and suits are certainly the first-class mixtures you could cross for. Here are some tips to wear hats along with your suits.

Choose the Perfect Hat Style 

Remember that not every hat will look best when combined with your suit. Even if the bowler hats match the color of your suits, that doesn’t mean they will look always great. The suits are the most famous formalwear. This means that you need to consider the formality of the suit while choosing the hats.

Bowler, trilby, and fedora hats are some of the best options to combine with your suits. This fashion combination has gone through the test of time. They will not only look formal but also classic. A fedora hat will offer you the best chances to combine with the suits. This is why most men consider choosing fedora hats for their formal occasions. As per Is Mens Clothing, suit showcases personality.

Coordinate the Colors between Your Suit and Hat 

This is one of the most important tips you need to remember while combining your hats with suits. Remember that the colors you are choosing for your hats should also complement the colors of the suit. If the color is irrelevant, your fashion sense will become vague. For instance, you cannot pair dark-colored suits with light-colored hats.

This is why you need to pay close attention to the colors of your suits and hats. Sometimes, you can improvise with the colors. But keep in mind that your idea might go wrong. Additionally, the color you choose will also determine your personality.

Consider the Textures

This is dependent on the hat you’re choosing. One of the best ways to coordinate your outfits is by wearing a linen hat with your linen suit. This way you can also stay cool at the outdoor weddings or formal meetings. This is because linen is a breathable fabric.

When you choose the appropriate texture, you don’t need to worry about your fashion sense. The right texture will improve the combination between your suits and hats. Therefore, make sure you consider the texture carefully while considering different hat designs and styles to combine with your suit.

You should also carry a comb in your pocket. This point might seem irrelevant, but carrying a small comb will help you a lot. Even if you remove the hat at some point, you can set your hair using the comb.


The Homburgs are very similar to the fedora hats. The handiest difference between the 2 is that the Homburgs function a greater defined middle crease and a rolled brim. The Homburg hats will give you a very suave and smooth appearance. The Homburgs are product of fantastic substances, that’s why they’re pretty costly. If you need to make certain that your hat lasts for a long term, ou want to purchase the Homburgs.

The Homburg hats will come up with a undying and vintage look. If you want to wait a very crucial meeting or occasion, you need to recall the Homburgs. The Homburg hats will give you an air of self assurance, that’s vital for any meeting or negotiation.

Derby Hats

The Derby hats are also known as the bowler hats. These hats feature a soft and rounded crown. The Derby hats are different from the Homburgs and fedoras because they have a shorter brim. The Derby hats will help you develop a very jaunty appearance. If you’re planning to attend a day event or garden party, you need to consider the Derby hats.

The derby hats come in many different colors and designs. You can choose the one that goes well with your suit. The derby hats are quite affordable, which is another reason why they’re so popular.

Some factors to consider when you are buying hat

The first component you want to take into account is the occasion you’re going to wait. If you’re making plans to attend a proper accumulating, you need to pick out the fedora or Homburg hats. If you’re planning to attend a day occasion, you can go for the derby hats.

The 2d component you need to take into account is the shade of your healthy. You need to pick a hat that is going properly with the colour of your match. If you’re sporting a black match, you could pass for the fedora or Homburg hats. If you’re carrying a brown match, you could pick the derby hats.

The 1/3 issue you want to do not forget is the material of your in shape. You want to choose a hat that is made of the equal cloth as your in shape. If you’re wearing a woolen healthy, you may move for the Homburg hats. If you’re wearing a cotton in shape, you could pick out the derby hats.

The fourth factor you need to consider is the season. You want to choose a hat that is suitable for the season. If you’re carrying a summer time in shape, you can pass for the trilby hats. If you’re carrying a wintry weather match, you can select the Homburg hats.

The fifth issue you want to recollect is your price range. You need to pick a hat that is within your budget. If you’re on a decent budget, you could pass for the derby hats. If you’re willing to spend greater, you could pick the Homburg hats.

Choosing the proper hat in your fit could be very crucial. You want to do not forget various factors together with the event, color, fabric, and season. If you’re on a tight finances, you can go for the derby hats. If you’re inclined to spend more, you could pick the Homburg hats.


Suits and hats will always work side by side to enhance your personality and appearance. Make sure you contact us to purchase the best suits.