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Benefits of Using Cold Cream on your Skin

Cold Cream is always nourishing, moisturizing and protective against contamination. Cold creams are a powerful ally of feminine beauty. And the best part is that they can be used daily, not just after being out in the sun! Please keep reading and know its many benefits.

In the first seconds, a chill runs through the skin, a product of the temperature shock; but afterward, we experience a refreshing sensation. The main reason is that they are emulsions based on water, certain types of fats, and various agents such as beeswax and aromatics.

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Cold creams: an ancient mix

  • According to historical sources, the inventor of cold creams was none other than Galen, the most renowned physician in ancient Greece.
  • After two thousand years, it is still a favorite in modern cosmetics.
  • Current cold creams formulas include several compounds ranging from mineral oils, glycerin, oatmeal, jojoba, or lanolin.
  • When you apply cold cream on your skin, its texture provides great well-being. Quickly absorbed, it leaves practically no residue on clothing so that it can use before a change of clothes.

Benefits of using them regularly

Although cold creams are uses in various beauty treatments, such as lip balms, face masks, and even shaving foam, there are many advantages. Between them:

What benefits does cold cream bring to your skin

  1. Cold Cream is a moisturizing, nourishing, repairing, and protective cream that softens the skin calms irritations and acts as a barrier against inclement weather.
  2. It is a richly nourishing and occlusive cream, and it has been considered especially suitable for dry and very dry skin and good protection against the cold.
  3. It is indeed an excellent solution to avoid dehydration and the tightness caused by low temperatures on the skin thanks to its ingredients since it leaves a protective film on the epidermis.
  4. But it also uses at other times of the year and for different skin types in dehydration or irritation.
  5. Advances in the development of cosmetic formulas and textures today allow any skin type to find a good cold cream cosmetic suitable for their particular situation.
  6. It is use to treat children’s skin sensitive skin, which is very effective in skin conditions such as psoriasis and atopy.
  7. Its use is not only facial since its restorative properties make it a good remedy against body dryness.
  8. And also, it is very effective for damaged and cracked hands, dry and hard feet, elbows, knees, etc. heels, etc. That is why it is included in body lotions and creams and shower gels, and soaps.

Different types of cold cream products

Cold Cream Cleansing Gel

  • It is an extra-fat bath gel that cleanses and nourishes the skin intensely, without soap, from the Cold Cream range, made with thermal water instead of rose water for its soothing and desensitizing properties.
  • Its cleansing gel is the best product for dry to dehydrated, sensitive skin.

High Nutrition Hand Cream

  • Treatment that nourishes and repairs the hands with natural cold cream, made with organic sweet almond oil, organic rose water, and organic beeswax.
  • It also contains organic shea butter and hemp oil, and coconut oil. It is the best cream for dry to dehydrated, sensitive skin.

Nourishing Creams with Cold Cream

  • Nourishing Creams is a unique product of cold cream; it is specially made for babies.
  • This type of creams protects and nourishes the baby’s skin, calms redness, favors eliminating cradle cap with it and calendula.
  • It is free of parabens, alcohol, and phthalates which is incredibly best for babies with sensitive skin.

Shaving Soap and Cream

  • Shaving soap and shaving creams are made with cold cream and essential oil (soothing, revitalizing), allow a smooth shave, prevent dryness, soothes and prevent rashes.

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