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Sufna Movie Download 480p & Watch Free Movie Online on Torrent Sites

Sufna movie download 480p

Sufna (translated dream) is a 2020 Indian romantic drama film in the Punjabi language, written and directed by Jagdeep Sidhu. Produced by Panj Paani Films, And also, it plays Ammy Virk and Tania. The film tells a young man who falls in love with the cotton picker who came to his village. Sufna has Jagjeet Sandhu, Jasmin Bajwa, and Seema Kaushal in supporting roles marked Tania’s film debut as a leading actress. The film was released in India on February 14, 2020. B Praak and the songs produce the soundtrack for the film written and composed by Jaani.

<h2>About the Movie</h2>

Directed by Jagdeep Sidhu
Produced by Navneet Virk

Gurpreet Singh

Screenplay by Jagdeep Sidhu
Starring Ammy Virk


Jagjeet Sandhu

Music by B Praak
Cinematography Vineet Malhotra
Edited by Manish More
Panj Paani Films
Distributed by Reliance Entertainment
Release date February 14, 2020 (India)
Running time 144 Minutes
Country India
Language Punjabi

How to Download 480p and Watch Sufna movie on torrent sites?

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More About Sufna

Firstly, Teg (Tania) lives with her father’s older brother and Taayi. And also, Her mother was a Muslim and died. Her father was in the army, and they say he’s missing. Secondly, Teg believes his father is still alive and will return home. Jeet (Ammy Virk) is a carefree boy.

His father committed suicide because he could not pay his debts. He falls in love with Teg when she is picking cotton in her village. Teg encourages Jeet to study to become something in life and pay off his father’s debts. When Teg returns after 13 months, he discovers that the Jeet has embarked on higher studies. And also, She is glad he heard her. Jeet comes and secretly meets Teg. Later that year, he tells Jeet that she can no longer see him because she is engaged and gives him one of her mother’s jewels to pay for part of her college tuition. And also, Jeet tells Kalwinder (Mintu Kapa) (who will marry Teg) that Teg is in a lousy mood to scare him. But then he tells her that he loves her.

Teg’s fiancé says she would help them. Instead of helping them, he tells Taayit de Teg that she secretly met Jeet. Teg wants to get married but runs away and hides in a house where she works. Jeet comes and finds her unconscious. He later brings her back to Taayi’s house. however, She tells her uncle that you raised me, so you have the right to marry me anywhere. Teg tells her that she confesses that her Taayi abused her, but she gave him food and shelter. Their Taayi realizes their faults, and they agreed to marry her off to Jeet. And also, A few months later, Jeet returns and is now in the military.  Teg says she found the Phauji (army officer / her father [her father was in the army]).


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