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Recommended Diesel Watches for Men in 2021

Diesel is a popular fashion brand that was founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso. At first, it was producing clothing, footwear, and accessories for the Italian market, but soared to international fame because of its high sense of style. When it noticed a great demand for watches, it decided to enter the industry by producing timepieces with exuding personality and creativity. Although its watches are far from the quality of luxury watch brands, they have the same level of aesthetics.

The brand incorporates the trending fashion style today in the designs of its watches to cater to the younger population. Its catalog is something you should check if you are after unique watches with affordable price points. Read on to find out its history and the best models that will help you determine if it’s worth your buck.

The establishment of the brand Diesel

The founder of Diesel named Renzo Rosso was born in a family of farmers. Witnessing the hardships of his parents, he decided to do something different by studying Industrial Textile Manufacturing in 1970. At a very young age, he already knew how to design and produce his pair of pants using a sewing machine. In college, he took an Economic course at the University of Venice. Later on, he dropped out of school and started working at Moltex, a clothing company.  He became one of the valuable employees as he managed to increase production and improve the position of the manufacturer in the industry.

Renzo Rosso attempted to leave the company to start his own business. But Goldschmied prevented him by offering 40% shares in the company and building a new one together that they named Diesel. They derived the name from the alternative fuel source at that time. It aims to let people know that their products are great alternatives to the more popular brands. Right now, there are more than a hundred Diesel watches for men and women to choose from.

Recommended Diesel watches for men in 2021

1. Diesel DZ7312

The futuristic design of the Diesel DZ7312 is what makes it a desirable watch. It comes with nude and bold colors suitable for any chic outfit. The face of this robust model is extremely different from the watches manufactured by other brands.  It contains six small dials each with a different function. The black indexes and hands are all filled with luminescent to ensure utmost legibility. The stainless steel case and band exist for added durability and safety. The former protects the dial and the movement from harmful external elements while the latter is secured enough to sit on your wrist. With its large dimension measuring 66mm x 55mm, it can easily attract the attention of your colleagues and friends.

2. Diesel DZT2019

Since the brand loves to keep up with the new technological innovations, it is not surprising that it integrated it into its manufactured watches. One of the watches with the sleekest design is this Diesel DZT2019. It has a tough and rugged appearance that would be appealing to the masculine market. The red silicone band adds more personality to the reliable watch, while the black dial makes it more stylish. The aluminum case has a solid back preventing you from witnessing the technical side of timekeeping tools. It measures 44mm in diameter and 22mm in lug width which is the right size for most men. What is great about this watch is that it can resist water with a depth of 50m despite having an affordable price tag.

3. Diesel DZ7344

The DZ7344 is another sporty and chunky timepiece in the Diesel catalog. It has a unique design that might look complicated to some but appealing to the majority of watch collectors and enthusiasts. It has a gray dial paired with a gray stainless steel case and band. The face features luminous indexes and hands, making it possible to read the time even at night. The square-shaped case has a solid back, so you cannot see the intricate movement but rest assured that it can function well. Since it targets the men population, its diameter is large, measuring 55mm. It is a must-have for divers because of its 100m water resistance.

The reputation of the brand Diesel in the industry

Diesel is the go-to brand of people whenever they want a stylish watch at a relatively lower price point than other watch manufacturers. It mainly targets the younger generation by incorporating urban cultural trends and lifestyles into its watches. It has a wider angle of collection that can cater to the needs and demands of a large customer base. You can find a model with a classic design, but there are also those with modern features.

In Conclusion

Diesel is a viable option if you are looking for a brand that has recognizable fashion watches. It is for people who are not particular about the technicalities and functionality of their timekeeping tools. If you are convinced that you need a unique and eye-catching Diesel watch, don’t hesitate to order from TheWatchCompany, an online marketplace for authentic items.


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