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Outfits to Wear When It’s Raining: 10 Ideas

No one likes having to deal with gloomy days, but for fashionistas, you may be pleasantly surprised that wet days can provide you with a canvas to strut your stylish self. Drizzles and puddles bring about challenges, but that’s no reason to have to compromise on your fashion game. Rainy days are a great way to get creative by combining practicality with a little panache. It’s time to grab your umbrella and some fabulous rain-friendly shoes as we go singing in the rain about these 10 different ideas for outfits to wear when it’s raining.

1. Classically Elegant

Pair knee-high waterproof boots with a clear bubble umbrella and a form-fitting beige trench coat to exude sophistication while staying dry. A neutral trench coat with dark, slim-fit jeans blend together seamlessly to stay dry and look refined even on the cloudiest of days.

2. Casual Denim

To create your laid-back, rainy-day look, wear a comfy denim jacket over a snug hoodie and skinny jeans. You could wear rain boots or galoshes, but as an alternative to ankle rain boots with this casual denim look, pair your denim with cute athletic shoes instead. As an alternative to a denim jacket, you can wear a striped shirt, faux leather coat and denim maxi skirt as your chosen denim detail for your rainy-day look. No matter what footwear you choose, the denim detail of your jacket or midi skirt adds a casual touch so you’ll stay comfortable and fashionable on a drizzly day.

3. Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Inject a pop of color by looking like sunshine on a cloudy day with a vibrant raincoat in a bright yellow. Accessorize with an equally bright umbrella and waterproof yellow rain boots. While yellow rain boots may seem like a cliche, they’re a classic for a reason. Vibrant raincoats in bold colors or pastel hues offer an energetic and stylish look so that you’ll stay dry while adding a cheerful splash to the gray skies ahead.

4. Sporty Athleisure

Any sporty athleisure look goes perfectly with casual comfortable shoes for women. Wear a waterproof windbreaker and leggings with sporty rain boots. It’s all the practicality you need when it’s raining without having to worry about sacrificing fashion. When you want to stay active and cozy when the rain is pouring, you can’t go wrong with a sporty athleisure look. You can accessorize the look with scrunchies and a baseball cap for a trendy and preppy workout outfit.

5. Floral Splash

Make a splash when you wear a flowy floral maxi dress with rubber Chelsea boots and a wide-brimmed hat. These details add a touch of bohemian flair for a chic, rainy-day look. You’ll stay dry while giving off that carefree, feminine charm when the weather is less than sunny.

6. Commuter Chic

For a more stylish commute look on a rainy day, wear a tailored blazer with slim-fit pants and rain-resistant loafers. It’s the perfect look for the urban fashionista who’s always on the go. This look combines a polished aesthetic with practicality to ensure you arrive at the office looking dry and on point.

Outfits to Wear

7. Quilted and Comfy

Get snuggly on a rainy day with a quilted puffer jacket. Wear this jacket with jeans and combat boots, and you’ll have an outfit that guarantees style and warmth. When there’s chilly, drizzly weather outside, you’ll stay fashionable and snug with ease.

8. Back in Black

Pair a raincoat with a sleek, all-black ensemble underneath, like a black turtleneck, with black leggings and black boots for that contemporary and edgy look. A monochromatic look with a raincoat and waterproof boots combines style and water resistance, perfect for any rainy day to exude a modern, carefree vibe. Underneath your glossy raincoat, you could also wear a dress with tights or leggings. Leggings and tights, according to fashion experts, dry quickly since they’re normally made from porous fabrics, making them ideal for drying off as soon as you get inside from a rainy day.

9. Pleasantly Preppy

For a preppy look, wear a pleated skirt with a tucked-in sweater. Channel that classic rainy-day vibe by completing your outfit with knee-high rain boots and a patterned umbrella. You’ll exude charm and have that perfect touch of timeless elegance. That way, you’ll stay dry and stylish while combining traditional fashion details with all the waterproof essentials.

10. Dewy Luxury

Just because it’s a rainy day doesn’t mean you need to dampen your style. Elevate your dewy day look with a bit of luxury in the form of a faux fur-trimmed hooded parka and leather leggings. Complete the look with stylish waterproof ankle boots to showcase just how luxury can be weatherproof. Even during inclement weather, you’ll be a fashionista who knows how to stay dry and fashion-forward.

Dewy Luxury

After reading our list of different outfits to wear on those rainy days, we hope you’ve discovered that inclement weather doesn’t mean you have to dampen your style. Have fun experimenting with chic accessories like colorful umbrellas and waterproof outerwear. By wearing practical yet fashionable booties for women with other thoughtful choices for waterproof layering, you’ll find that there are endless ways to combine fashion and function.

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