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Hand cream and lotion Write for Us.

hand creams and lotions write for us


Formation of lotion in low viscous preparation to apply on the skin compared to creams; gels have high vicious due to the low water content. It can be used on the skin with a brush, cotton cloth, or bare hands. The lotion can be used as medicine for allergy smoothing, softening, and moisturizing, giving a fragrance.

Skin care products like sunscreen and toner moisturizers are available as lotions, creams, sprays, and gels that can be used for moisturizing and tanning; cosmetic lotions are anti-aging and contain fragrance and anti-wrinkle or anti-senior properties.


Formation of cream for applying on external skin creams is available and can use for the rectum or vagina. The creams come under pharmaceutical and cosmetics and are also developed by pharmacy techniques and used for various skin conditions; these are an emulsion of water and oil.

There are two types: 1. oil-in-water, which has little droplets of oil dispersion in a water form.

  1. water-in-oil, which contains little water droplets of dispersion in an oily form

Oil-in-water is better and perfect as they are a little greasy and wash off easily with water, while water-in-oil is more complicated and complex, but it gives more moisture as it provides an oily layer.

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hand creams and lotions write for us Guidelines- Hand cream and lotion Write for Us

hand cream and lotion write for us 

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