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Dress with style; Like you won the lottery

What would be the first thing you would notice in someone you inspired and getting a chance to interact with? The class, intellect, or simply the Aura that makes their personality dignified. Well, as per the analysis, you won’t notice the elements mentioned above. Instead the first thing you would see is how they carry themselves. It’s not about witnessing them getting surrounded by the Bouncers or making an entry in Mercedes or Rovers, with a whole lot of protocol following them, a paid Media team covering their presence leading towards the Ballroom, funeral, or the event. Simple in word, the way they dress would be so compelling that you might jaw drop over their style.

Have you wondered what efforts it takes to dress with style? Is it a fashion sense ? a Trending Style, or a huge bank account? There is no doubt that money can buy happiness, but what it cannot accept is the sense of style. And that is only attained if your personality is that convincing. You can grab the eyeballs gazing at you, surrounded by the bouncers, cars, and PR team. But not as long as Bill Gates showed up in the same event with jeans and a cardigan.No doubt over the fact that he is not bound to portray his class status among the audience he already knew his value, but you might be concerned about depicting a pure class out of your tuxedos, tie, watch and shoes. So let us take you down the narrow street and show you the variety of styles that suits you best.

Comfort is Important

Scratching your back or hand in public might throw a wrong impression on others, so finding out the suits you feel uncomfortable wearing will not depict a style; instead, it will just make your image shadier in public. It is mandatory to prioritize your comfort over the class, or all your efforts would be considered void if you are observed making an uncomfortable expression.

Wear what Fits

The second in the line holds an excellent value for wearing what fits you, rather than squeezing your tummy with a tight vest and putting pressure on your body is risking your health and your personality both. Build up the confidence in your body and treat it the way it demands. Whether it is obese or skinny, you don’t need to extract or put excessive masses accordingly.

Brands like Calvin Klein  and Prada give you an Elite look.

Be it a funeral suit, or a  reception tuxedo everyone wishes to have an attire stitched by Prada or Calvin Klein ,that you might only think of if you win the lottery or are born with a gold spoon.

Style should complement the Event

You cannot wear tuxedos all the time, Not even at parties. These are some particular dress codes and colors designated to the specific event, and going suited everywhere might make your personality doubtful and portray you as a nerd. Similarly, the host of poolside parties doesn’t expect their guest to show up formally suited, nor does anyone in a funeral expect someone to wear a shocking red top.

Avoid Personal Branding

Being brand conscious is nothing bad, but portraying them publicly might leave an impact on you being a billboard of the brand. You are putting money to avail services from the brand, not for promoting it. Highlighting the brand logo is considered to be amateur among the social gathering. A profound logo on jackets sets an impression of a cheap character, and wearing shirts and suits with brand posters is really a pain in the eyes.

Observe Nitty Gritty of your Clothes

You might not consider your faded sleeves corner or unpressed jeans important, but it does have an impact on the people that you are interacting with. There is a significant chance that people might not even be attracted to your personality if they observe an untied shoelace, wristwatch on the wrong hand, or crumbling texture of shirt around your abdomen.

Personal Grooming

This area plays a significant role in depicting a justified look of your personality. Although Personal grooming is the critical factor for style, the point of discussing it last is because it holds over petty elements, and it has an impact when a person is interacting with another person. One of the essential tips for personal grooming is :

  • Ethics
  • Maintaining a patient behavior
  • Talking softly
  • Look busy do nothing
  • Entertain all who comes to greet you
  • Not smoking in the closed rooms and offering a plate to your colleague.
  • Laughing adequately

All these factors are the cherry on top of the cake; you will be regarded as the perfect person if you cater to all of the above-mentioned traits in your personality.

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