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Why Tissot? 7 Things You Need to Know about Tissot

It is one thing to buy luxurious jewelry or a brand-new sports car to celebrate your success, but there is truly a different effect and prestige when you buy a luxury watch. Once people see you wear a luxury watch, they will not only think of you as a wealthy or a successful person. They will also see you as a wise person who values your time. People will see you as a person important in their careers. That being said, luxury watches become great investments that will give you a good impression. Also, we cannot deny how tricky it is to choose the right luxury watch brand because of all the amazing brands out there! The key here is to get to know each brand further. For this, allow us to introduce to you another prestigious luxury watch brand, Tissot.

1. A true pioneer

Some of you might check a watch brand’s heritage and how they took the watchmaking world since their establishment. For this category, Tissot is a real pioneer when it comes to contributing to the technology of watchmaking. The brand has already been around even before wristwatches became popular. In 1853, Charles-Félicien Tissot and Charles-Emile it established the strong watch brand in Le Locle, Switzerland. During the time, they released their famous pocket watches that have a single movement. These pocket watches also became groundbreaking because of their dual time zones.

It remained strong up to this day in 1853. Tissot truly exemplifies what it means to be a strong watch brand that has fought every setback and crisis that the world has been through.

2. Revolutionary sports watches

We mentioned that Tissot has remained strong for over 160 years. Their secret? It is having one foot to anchor them with tradition and their heritage to boost them to the future by making revolutionary pieces! After many years, people still regard Tissot well. it even has a strong brand reputation for creating experimental and bold pieces. What people love about Tissot is the avant-garde sports watches the brand creates. These attention-grabbing sports watches and the dress watches has created are a great contribution to watchmaking.

3. Acquisition by Swatch Group

When it was founded the brand in 1853, it was still an independent company. However, the Swatch Group then acquired Tissot in 1983. During this time, the Swatch Group was the largest producer of watches on the globe. They also own Hamilton and Omega.

Speaking of Omega, it merged with Omega even before the Swatch Group entered the picture. Maybe this merger is also the reason why the Swatch Group acquired Tissot, along with Omega.

4. Ticking partner of the biggest names

Through the years, the biggest celebrities, personalities, and politicians rely on Tissot to keep time for them and to also serve as important accessories. Tissot has already served the biggest names such as Grace Kelly, Elvis Presley, Angelina Jolie, and more! The Tissot watches these celebrities wore serve as pieces of head-turners that added up to their star quality.

5. Bagged lots of firsts

We have been mentioning that it keeps on making revolutionary timepieces. Well, it is time to talk about those accolades and finish lines! it always takes pride in creating advanced methods of creating watches.

The brand’s legendary pocket watch with a dual time zone was innovative during its time in 1853. Less than a hundred years later, Tissot launched the Tissot Navigator. The Tissot Navigator was the first-ever automatic watch in 1951 to display 24 time zones without manipulating the watch.

6. Watch film star

Because of its remarkable brand reputation (and for it), it has already faced the camera several times and also made scenes on the big screen. You can see these watches in films such as Die Another Day, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Mission Impossible, and more. Angelina Jolie donned a Tissot watch again for her movie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

7. Tissot skeleton watch

One of the Tissot watches that made rounds among watch lovers is the Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Squelette. This watch is a beautiful marriage between traditional designs and modern details. You can wind this skeleton watch by hand. Its complicated face has a case made of sturdy stainless paired with a black leather strap with a tortoiseshell design.

The perfect Tissot watch for you

Now that you know some facts and trivia about Tissot, you may already know a few things about the brand. However, you should also check out their models if you are interested in knowing them further. You will find that there will always be the perfect Tissot watch that will suit your taste, style, and lifestyle. Reliable stores and online sites like may have a good one for you. This online store is a guaranteed seller for other luxury watch brands, not just Tissot. Go and check it out to explore your prospects for a good watch!