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5 Reasons to Add Hermes to Your Watch Collection

Hermes is a well-known brand for luxurious fashion pieces. The most famous of all is, of course, its bags. Some enthusiasts even wait for years, if not decades, for their coveted models. These pieces are worth top dollar value at the initial purchase, and they more than double when resold, if not maintain their original prices.

But, today, it offers more than luxury bags, particularly its coveted Birkin bags. It has some superb products for watch enthusiasts, too. Collectors are now paying attention to the brand’s timepieces—from their common GMTs to the limited-edition models. While Hermes watches may seem to have only caught on lately, their development started over a century ago.

Why You Should Buy a Hermes Watch

The fashion house has been making watches for more than a hundred years. The love for their watches is now gaining traction not only from the elite few but also hardcore watch enthusiasts. Talks these days say that every watch collection should have a Hermes timepiece.

If you are not yet sold and are still looking for a reason to buy Hermes watches, here are five great reasons to get yourself a fashionable timepiece:

Why You Should Buy a Hermes Watch

1. Hermes collaborates with esteemed artists to produce superb watches with elegant aesthetics. 

It works with many famous artists to produce limited-edition watches. Oftentimes, the watch designs even come from Hermes’ scarves. One of the pieces with this artistic origin is the Arceau Harnais Francais Remix. It has an engraved horse design on hand-painted porcelain. It takes a month to complete a single dial.

2. Hermes has been making watches since 1912.

The recipient of Hermes’ very first watch was Jacqueline Hermes, the family patriarch’s daughter. Her father Emile Hermes decided to attach leather straps to a pocket watch, allowing her to wear the timepiece around her wrist.

The brand’s connection to horology strengthened through the years. It wasn’t long after its Paris flagship started selling luxury watch brands like Rolex along with Hermes’ timepieces. Their watches were powered by Swiss-made movements.

3. Hermes’ Swiss workshops are trying a more out-of-this-world approach. 

In 1978, Hermes decided to commit to being part of the watchmaking business. Because of this, the brand established its Swiss subsidiary where they can produce dials, movements, and cases in-house.

By 2015, the brand unveiled the Slim d’Hermes which features the ultra-thin H1950 movement made by Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier—a Swiss manufacturer. This timepiece ranks along with the world’s top watches for its looks, performance, and features. New versions of this watch include a GMT function and a perpetual calendar.

4. The iconic Cape Cod design was created to make a defiant and unique timepiece.

In 1991, Itwanted to go against the norm in the watch industry, and the resulting piece was the iconic Cape Cod which bore a unique shape—a square inside a rectangle. About seven years later, Belgian fashion designer Martin Margiela designed the straps, a double-wrap leather bracelet. This fresh take on the Cape Cop became an iconic style for fashionistas everywhere.

5. Hermes collaborated with Apple to create a unique smartwatch.

In 2015, Apple released a limited edition Apple Watch that featured Hermes hand-stitched straps and a logo on the dial. The watch is also shipped in Hermes’ signature orange box.

A Hermes Watch Just for You

If you are finally convinced to buy a Hermes watch for yourself, here are some watches you might want to check out:

• Galop d’Hermes Watch 40.8 x 26mm

This amazing watch has a 40.8 x 26mm case made of rose gold. The mechanism inside the watch is made of anti-glare sapphire crystal. The dial is silver and it has a Swiss-made quartz movement. The straps adorning this watch is a single tour strap made of black alligator leather with a rose gold pin buckle. It comes in a unique shape that looks appropriate on all kinds of occasions.

• Arceau Petite Lune Watch 38mm

This steel watch is set with sapphires and diamonds paired with a mother-of-pearl dial. It houses a Swiss-made Calibre H1837 and is present in interchangeable straps in sapphire blue alligator leather. It also has a small moon module for enthusiasts. This dainty watch is perfect for delicate fashionistas who want a sophisticated but functional accessory.

• Kelly Watch, 20 x 20mm

This Swiss watch goes together with the iconic Kelly bag. It’s a small watch made of mineral crystal and a silver dial. It has a long single-tour strap made with Epsom calfskin and a steel pin buckle. This unique watch just showcases Hermes’ creativity while giving their iconic bag an interesting twist for all fashion lovers.


Hermes is a fashion powerhouse exuding its superiority in the industry for decades now. It’s brought Parisian fashion to the world, and these days, it partners with Swiss watchmaking authority to offer fans across the world the best timepieces there are. If you still don’t have a Hermes watch in your collection, we can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t go out and buy one today.

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