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Five Ways Alcohol Could Be Damaging Your Hair

Many of us enjoy a drink. For some of us it’s our go-to in order to relax. A glass of wine in front of the television, or perhaps a prosecco with pals. However, more and more of us are also taking it too far.

Alcohol abuse is on the rise across the country, and rehab centres are seeing an influx in new admissions as people look to get their lives back on track.

But while we all know about the problems alcohol can lead to when it comes to the likes of our liver, weight and mental health, there are other issues heavy and regular drinking can cause, including our hair.

A large portion of us are conscious about our hair and rehab centres such as Primrose Lodge, one of the biggest drug and alcohol centres in Surrey, are keen to point out that the substance can also lead to physical problems such as bad skin and hair.

But how exactly can your hair become damaged due to alcohol?

Dehydration and Brittle Hair

You may be aware that alcohol is dehydrating as it is, but we often think that this will only affect our skin and not our hair.

That is far from the case and our hair can be significantly harmed. That’s because hair strands need moisture to maintain their strength and elasticity.

Alcohol will deprive the hair of that moisture and leave it dry and brittle. It’ll become a little lifeless looking and ultimately cause breakages and split ends.

Reduced Nutrient Absorption

What alcohol also does is limit the absorption of vital nutrients into the hair. Our hair needs minerals and vitamins like zinc, biotin, and vitamin A and C, but excessive consumption of booze can lead to deficiencies in those.

Essentially what that can lead to is thinning hair, as well as being dull and lifeless.

Hormonal Imbalance

A lack or imbalance of hormones such as cortisol and testosterone can have a big impact on things like hair thinning.

Alcohol can have a sway in that as it ultimately limits the liver’s capabilities of metabolising hormones, which can be especially worrying for women.

Scalp Conditions

Alcohol does dry the skin out, and that includes the scalp. What’s more, excessive consumption can dilate blood vessels in the scalp and increase the chances of irritation.

Not only is this incredibly uncomfortable, it can lead to the likes of dandruff or psoriasis, which is not only painful, it can also increase anxieties and mental health conditions.

Reduced Hair Growth

Finally, our hair will simply not grow as much or as well. Alcohol has an impact on our blood circulation and that is essential for getting the nutrients to our hair follicles to grow.

Alcohol will stunt the growth and lead to thinning and slower growing, which again can be bad for our physical and mental health.

If you are feeling like you are having problems with your hair, it could be worth reviewing your relationship with alcohol as it may be the root cause without you even realising.

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