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Waxing Vs. Shaving which one you should choose

There are many hair removal methods to remove body hair, but choosing the right one for you can be difficult. We are going to find out if waxing is better than shaving. The battle between wax and razors has been around for a long time, and both methods have benefits and drawbacks.

Shaving can be one of the most aggravating things someone can do during the week. However, it must be done. The norm today seems to be that a woman should be hairless everywhere but on her head.

It’s a terrible rule, but it’s what’s hot these days. Many women choose to go to a waxing salon or other location to have their hair removed with so much shaving.

Today we will see the two options that women have for hair removal at home: an epilator or a razor. We will compare the epilator with the shaver to see which one is the best for you. We hope it will help you decide on which tool you are going to want to buy.

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Shaved off benefits and drawbacks

Let’s start with shaving, the one activity that many people do more often.

It has been using for a long time, and you can use an electric leg shaver or a manual shaver, depending on what you want to do.

Let’s start with the manual shaver

  • The manual razor dates back decades as it was the first way women began shaving their legs.
  • Generally, with a handheld razor, you should wet your legs and use shaving cream to avoid irritation.
    It is advisable to trim the hair before using the manual razor to prevent pulling the hair, as this can hurt.
  • Some excellent manual razors release a cream while in use and used in the shower.
  • Electric razors are now the norm these days as they provide the most comfort.
  • It can use both dry and wet, although it is advisable to use them wet with cream, which prevents any irritation to sensitive skin.
  • There are corded and cordless shavers; We always recommend wireless ones, as they never get in the way.
  • It can easily use anywhere and also all over the body from the armpits to the legs.
  • Razors come with different heads to be used in other areas, depending on the shave you want to do.


  • If we shave incorrectly, we can suffer cuts and scratches. Also, since we only remove the hair at the root, we will have to shave more often than with wax.
  • Some people believe that shaving makes hair grow thicker and faster, but clinical studies show that this is not true.

Shaving-Hair removalShaving-Hair removal

  1. So now, on the other end of the spectrum are epilators. What are they doing? What do they have to offer? Are they that different from an electric razor?
  2. First of all, they are electrical devices that help remove hair at the level of the follicles. Instead of a razor, they are electronic tweezers that pull out the hair.
  3. It works in the same way as wax, grabbing hair at the root. Epilators use rotating discs and springs to bring hair to the lowest level, pulling deeply from the root.
  4. Their power varies, and they can also have adjustable heads. Many have heads that are also razors, so you get a two-in-one pack and the best of both worlds.
  5. Imagine an epilator as a portable waxing and hair removal machine, which you can use at home.

Which is better? Wax or shave?

  • When compared to each other, which one is the best? Well, price-wise, both epilators and razors are pretty much the same.
  • Obviously, nothing beats the price of a cheap manual razor; however, they are not the best, especially if you have sensitive skin. Electric razors and epilators are the same prices.
  • The problem with electric razors is that they really cause irritation and only trim the hair. That is why you will have to shave every week constantly.
  • With epilators, you only have to do it once every six weeks. However, this time it doesn’t feel the best. The main reason is that they are pulling the hairs from the roots.

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