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What are Stockings? – Different Types, Uses, and More


Stockings are tight, differently flexible pieces of clothing covering the leg from the foot up to the knee or potentially part or the entirety of the thigh. It shift in shading, plan, and straightforwardness. Today, it are worn for style and feel, for the most part in a relationship with mid-length or short skirts.

No hosiery wardrobe is complete without tights and tights, but they have different styles and uses that make each one ideal for different occasions. As hosiery experts, the team at Luxury Legs have put each of these styles through their paces to give you the ultimate guide to shopping for leggings, stockings and bras for any outfit. Read on to find out which style is right for you…

What’s the Difference?

Socks and stockings have all the earmarks of being indistinguishable, fairly on a shallow level, however an enormous piece of us comprehend that they change in extra ways than one. Both are ordinarily made of nylon and are normal for flawlessly estimated, yet their disparities give them relentlessly benefits for wearing with unequivocal outfits and styles.

Stockings: Stockings, which appear at fundamentally over the knee or mid-thigh, are generally worn with a tight spot belt to keep them away from tumbling down. They are generally sold associated with a hold-up that gives a garterless choice. Stockings are correspondingly regularly sheer, however current hosiery and hosiery plans before long solidify current prints, models and subtleties that rival fantastic hosiery.

Different types of Stockings

  • compression stockings
  • relaxation stockings
  • tights garter
  • stockings nady
  • natural stockings
  • tights or stockings
  • tights or pantyhose
  • stockings reducing
  • Silica stockings

Stockings According to their Shape

Panty: This type of  garment covers the legs from the feet to the waist.

Reducing and girdle tights: Perfect for giving a more defined shape to the silhouette, you will find them with a girdle at the waist, thigh reducers and cartridge belts, butt lifters.

Low-waist tights: For those women who wear low-waist skirts or shorts, this way you won’t have to put on and lower the waist of the stocking.

Standard waist tights: They are the best known and most used.

Stocking: It covers the legs up to mid-thigh.

Mini- stockings: These are sock-like stocking that reach up to the knee.

Self regent: It is when the stocking is held alone with silicone strips.

Stockings According to their Composition

Microfiber: it do not have any shine. It gives a very natural look. It is the ideal fabric for people who have wide legs because they do not add volume.

Lycra: It gives a slight touch of shine. They are very elastic.

Nylon: It gives a lot of shine and is not very elastic, perfect for skinny girls with very thin legs.

Types of Stockings According to their Thickness

The DENS measures the density of the stocking :

  • 8-20 DENS> very fine
  • 20-40 DENS> fine
  • 40-70 DENS> thick
  • +70 DENS> very thick

How to choose stockings for styling your legs

  1. In addition to beautiful high heels, well-chosen stocking can help you slim down your figure and show off longer, prettier legs. We give you some tips:
  2. Wear shoes and socks in neutral colors.
  3. Use a medium shade slightly lighter than your shoes.
  4. If you have to wear it or pantyhose with open shoes or sandals, make sure they are transparent and do not show that you are wearing them.

What type of stockings should you choose


  • If you want to wear a dress or skirt, you must resort to stocking. But not all it are the same, nor do we use them for all occasions.
  • If you want them for day to day, you should choose some pantyhose with a higher density so that they do not break at the first change.
  • When you want to dress to go to a party or go out to dinner, it highly recommends choosing thin stocking that will stylize your legs and offer us a much more elegant look.
    It would be best if you always opted for a density not higher than 20.
  • If you live where it is cold in winter, you should pick cloudy stocking with a high thickness.
    Simply as such might you anytime at any point be sure that, no matter what the cool, your legs will be particularly gotten.
  • Pressure stockings are great for those people whose legs feel very depleted continuously’s end.
  • These exert a gradual compression that helps reactivate circulation throughout the leg. Plus, it also helps shape your leg, so you look much better.
  • If you want some stockings that offer us a bit of variety, that are much more daring, even sensual, we can choose ones with a pattern or opt for mid-calf or garter one.
  • From The Buyer, you have chosen several options to select the ones that best suit you according to the occasion.


Stockings, a group object in women’s unmentionables, have transformed into a dazzling or captivating dress decoration.
It is just a single thing of dress in the storeroom for specific women, while for others, stockings add an impressiveness leftover portion to their outfits.

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