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How to wear long tops and achieve fascinating looks?

If there is a stylized garment, it is comfortable, fashionable, and elegant simultaneously; it’s a long tops. But the question is how to wear long tops? Some secrets on combining them and taking advantage of these garments that never go out of style.

Although it is a versatile garment that adapts to various looks without much difficulty, some issues can optimize the result of the outfit when thinking about it.

Long tops for girls

  • Whether you’re looking to style an oversized top, a button-down, or a long top, there are many different ways to wear long tops with pieces already in your wardrobe.
  • You can dress them up, keep them casual, or anything in between! Try out a few different styles with the pieces in your closet to look great every time you walk out the door.
  • For example, what garment to wear underneath. Long tops generally double as short dresses, and many girls wonder what they should wear underneath.
  • Depending on the time of year, they can accompany leggings, tight leggings style pacifiers, semi-opaque socks, or, if the length of the shirt warrants it, with nothing.
  • Another question that arises when thinking about wearing long girls’ tops is what footwear they should combine. And in those cases, it will be essential to ask yourself what type of top is choose.
  • The universe of long tops for girls is very extensive. It is made up of many prints, cuts, genres, and designs.
  • Some models are more elegant, others more intended for the street style look, and others create to achieve freshness and comfort on a picnic.
  • Knowing the type of style and the impact that the garment generates, it is easier to choose the proper footwear.
  • Ankle boots, short and long boots, and even sneakers are great options for that informality.
  • If the long top is made of silk, satin, or has black stockings underneath, black stilettos, platform shoes, or shoes with a medium heel, they would be the exemplary contribution of elegance to complete the look.

How to Wear Long tops and Add Fashion Accessories

  1. This type of garment combines very well with accessories such as belts or bows.
    Being of medium length and almost always irregular (shorter in the front and longer in the back),
  2. it is often necessary to add an element that marks the waist and recovers the silhouette.
    Belts are classic and, at the same time, are part of the most current trends.
  3. There are simple and discreet ones, or also with more leading proposals. It is loads with studs, with fringes, or with a central designer buckle.
  4. Long tops also look good with bags and purses. For the more casual and relaxed looks, cross body bags and mini cross-wallets with fun and modern designs are an excellent option.
  5. Clutches and envelopes are not the most recommended proposal to accompany these garments.
    They are too formal accessories that correspond to the world of red carpets, cocktails, and finery.
  6. Running them from that place can sometimes be good and sometimes aesthetically misplaced.

What are the best coats to wear with long tops?

  • As with any other type of look and garment, it is necessary to ask yourself the coat that completes the outfit.
  • In outdoor events, or even to work, there are occasions that demand shelter from the wind or low temperatures, and long tops are in themselves cooler, looser and baggy garments.
  • The short jackets are the choice par excellence. Whether they are jean, light or dark, like lambskin or leather;
  • They are always chosen by the most prominent stylists and image consultants when thinking about Wear Long tops.
  • The sweaters adjusted also apply coats. When they show the collar of the shirt on the outside, they achieve an? Office? Style look. That, well-adapted, can be very fashionable and appropriate.
  • The diverse patterns or even some with a slightly sportier design also fit well with long tops. The proportions are harmonious between the size of a garment , and another, and footwear enables an informal look.
  • On the contrary, long blazers or jackets do not favor this type of garment so much. Neither do kimonos, cardigans, and parkas.
  • In some cases, they take away the natural delicacy of the shirt, and in others, they match its length, creating a risky impression that there is nothing low.

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