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Blazer for Men – Reasons and Rules to Wear – 2023


The men’s jacket tends to an opportunity to parade an other and present day look, so this garment can’t be missing from the men’s storage room. It is a piece that adds style and distinction. The men’s blazer is ideal for attending a job interview, dinner, or a special event.
In short, it is perfect for almost any occasion; you have to use the correct tones and textures in the men’s blazer.

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Reasons to Wear a Men’s Blazer

Wearing a men’s garment of this type will always give a different, fresh, elegant, and modern touch to your clothing. It is not to mention that men’s blazers give us the possibility of looking neat at all times without wearing a suit.

The truth is that there are other reasons to wear these pieces that are a combination of style and elegance. Discover them!

  • They have a youthful touch, allowing you to look elegant without the need to project an excessively formal look.
  • Blazer make your figure appear more stylized, creating a feeling of greater height and more finesse.
  • They do not clash with your partner’s outfit, so they provide balance and stability.
  • With a men’s blazer, you will always be ready for any special situation.
  • It helps to show that you care about delivering a good image.
  • And also, You will project maturity and creativity.

Rules to Wear a Men’s Blazer properly

The male blazers combined with any pants you have in your closet. Keep in mind that the purpose of using these pieces is to create a contrast with the pants to show off an elegant look and break the monotony.

Other rules that you should consider to get the most out of these garments are:

  • Use a casual men’s blazer model that is in line with the lines of your body.
  • The men’s blazer should slightly fit at the waist and below it.
  • The shirt you wear has to show below the sleeve of the blazer —only a few inches.
  • Open the first two-button of the shirt.
  • Combine men’s clothing with jeans, ties, polo shirts, sweaters, and formal shoes.
  • And also, If you are using blazers gentleman with Magas rolled up, combine them with a shirt polo shirt and sneakers.

Outfit with Men’s Blazer


Getting a blazer for men will always be a good decision for those men who want to steal looks at a formal evening event or during a workday since they will always manage to look good.

The men’s blazer is a convenient and versatile garment that can use on different occasions.

To choose the perfect blazer, keep these recommendations in mind

Take into account the type of cut

  • If your shoulders and hips are slim and aligned, your best option is slim-fit with a fitted waist. These blazers will give your body a good structure.
  • If your build is thicker, then choose an American cut type of jacket. It is more straight cut; it greatly stylizes your silhouette without the need for you to wear a fitted garment.

The lapel is important

  • Depending on the blazer model, some have a very wide lapel, and others very thin. Ideally, the flap should be of a regular width, falling in the middle of the collarbone and shoulder.

The sleeves

  • The ideal length of the sleeves should be 2 to 3 cm less than the shirt.

Don’t forget the buttons

  • Three buttons:
    If your waist is longer than your legs, you can wear a three-button blazer.
  • Two Buttons:
    It is the most common and ideal for all body types. Remember that only the first button should be fastened, and it should be above your navel.
  • A button:
    It is perfect if you are short and looking to look more stylized.

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