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How to Boost your Metabolism? – User Guide and More

Some people ate more and did not gain weight, and that’s all about metabolism. Yes, that seems unfair! Unfair but not irremediable. Because even if you don’t like your BMR, there is something you can do. So how do you increase your basal metabolism?

It’s simple: choice of food, balanced diet, sport. Here are Some ideas to boost your calories effortlessly (or almost) and feel better every day in your body (and in your head).
It’s time to boost your metabolism!

The key to feeling better is adopting a balanced diet and, more generally a healthier lifestyle. It’s not what you eat but should also include good hydration, regular physical activity, sufficient and quality sleep to sleep better, and a positive state of mind. All these parameters, taken into account by the WW method based on science, make it possible to regain general well-being and promote good metabolism.

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Eat more protein and increase your metabolism


  1. You know, protein should not be banned from your diet, especially if you pay attention to your figure.
  2. If you are over 50 or do a lot of sport because the additional supply of quality proteins can help you maintain your mass muscle fight a slow metabolism.
  3. That is why by slightly increasing the amount of protein in your diet, your body will be able to lose weight faster. And eat quality protein.
  4. The right proteins to speed up your metabolism? Those that have high levels of amino acids and not too much fat.
  5. For example, bet on quality white meats (Red Label type or from a good butcher or the farm next door) and fish (without too much sauce).
  6. And don’t forget the eggs: Besides being an excellent source of protein, the egg is very easy to integrate into a diet to lose weight.
  7. Practical, provided you do not accompany it too often with mayonnaise.

Focus on foods to boost your metabolism

The right oils

  • Not all fats are metabolized in the same way by the body.
  • And far from us the idea of advising you to remove fat, lipids, from food because we need it! Indeed, lipids are essential to our cells, and even adipose tissue plays a protective role.
  • To be healthy, it is a question of not having in excess in the body so that it retains this beneficial role.
    Nutritionists recommend varying fats, especially oils.

Oily fish Oily

  • Fish would also help speed up the metabolism.
  • Moreover, our body does not store the fat of these fish and only keeps what the body needs.
  • So, the next time you’re salivating over a tuna steak or grilled sardines, don’t hesitate!

The seeds

  • Sesame, flax, or sunflower seeds act as a good substitute for chocolate or cookies.
  • Additionally, some studies show that squash seeds lead to better sleep and improved metabolism, while flax seeds provide excellent antioxidants.

Decreasing sugars helps increase metabolism

  • Studies show that carbohydrates (finally sugars, to be more precise) promote a slower metabolism and contribute to weight gain via fat mass.
  • A decrease in their intake would, therefore, slightly accelerate your metabolism.

Controlling the quantities ultimately accelerates your metabolism

  • Balance is the key to control your weight. By providing your body with the fuel it “exactly” needs, you are helping it get its metabolism cruising.
  • Although diets do not restrict the quantities and take care to preserve the notion of pleasure, avoid choosing a diet that encourages you to force-feed yourself with only one type of food for 1 week.

How to increase your basal metabolism through sport?

  • You can increase your basal metabolism without sport, but it’s still more efficient with it, Because yes, sport is an efficient and healthy way to speed up your metabolism.
  • Because the more we move, the more we muscle—however, muscles are made of denser tissues, which burn more calories than fat.
  • And know that sport, in addition to helping you speed up your metabolism, will also melt your cellulite and guarantee you a more toned silhouette.

Get enough B vitamins and protein

  • Vitamin B plays a role essential in metabolic rate, especially B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), and B6 (pyridoxine).
  • We can find these vitamins in foods like bananas, potatoes, eggs, spinach, or whole foods.
  • As for proteins, numerous studies have shown that they accelerate metabolism by increasing the body’s thermal effect, that is, the number of calories it takes for the body to digest and process them.
  • Protein foods increase metabolic rate by 15–30%, compared to 5–10% for carbohydrates and 0–3% for fats.

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