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10 Commonly Asked Questions About Medical Detox


Medical Detox, also known as detoxification, is the first step in addiction recovery. The medical detox process purges the body of addictive chemicals, allowing the patients to stabilize their mental and physical health and shift themselves from patients to an outpatient treatment program.

The patient is kept in an isolated room during the medical detox program. They are kept away from the addictive substances or substances to allow the body to excrete away all the harmful substances naturally.

While the body goes through the medical detox, patients might experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms show that the body is craving the addictive substances.

Depending on the level of addiction, withdrawal symptoms can be mild, or the body can experience a painful, uncomfortable, and terrifying series of symptoms.

During the Withdrawal phase, medical intervention is often necessary to keep the patients safe and comfortable. This is the reason why you must never try to detox your body on your own. Always seek professional help.

If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction, and want to recover, contact Gallus Detox’s center.

Commonly Asked Questions About Medical Detox

You have finally taken the lifetime decision of getting sober. Now what? Well, 50% of the hard work is done when you make the recovery decision. Now you need to focus on the next 50%.

The addiction recovery process starts with medical detox. However, do not confuse the medical detox process with the addiction recovery treatment. Medical detox is only the first step that prepares your body for addiction treatment.

Addiction recovery centers are available all around us. However, you cannot just pick anyone before asking them any questions. Asking them the right question will help you understand which addiction treatment center is right for you.

One more thing most people ask about when it comes to detox is expenses. Most people believe medical detox is too expensive for them. Luckily, you can get free addiction treatment if you know what resources to use/look for.

Below we have prepared a few questions before settling down with your addiction treatment center.

Q1. What Programs Do They Offer?

There are a plethora of options to choose from when you are thinking of addiction recovery. Every rehab center follows different beliefs, takes different paths, and uses different sobriety tools to help patients recover.

Hence, it is important to ask what programs they offer. This will help you get an idea of their methods and whether or not you are comfortable with them.

Q2. How Long Does It Take To Detox

Although there is no wrong answer to this question, you would still like to know the amount of time it will take you to reach a life of sobriety.

It is really difficult to say how long it will take to recover from addiction. It might take only a couple of weeks for some, while for some years. The time span of recovery depends on the severity of the addiction and the type of addiction.

Q3. What Is Included In The Initial Assessment?

When you enroll in any addiction treatment program, the treatment only starts after the initial assessment is over. This initial treatment aims to understand patients’ current physical and psychological health.

Once the initial assessment is over, physicians use the report to plan your treatment program. This also helps you to find the underlying problem that has caused addiction.

Q4. Is our Personalized Treatment Available?

Treatment and recovery are very personal elements to an individual. You want to make sure that the rehab center offers a tailor-made solution.

What does that mean?

It means that rehab is not grouping multiple people in the same boat and offering the same set of treatment programs without understanding the patient’s needs.

Every human is different and so are their experiences. A personalized treatment plan will help them get exactly what help they need.

Q5. How Long Withdrawal Last?

Just like it’s impossible to give a set time for addiction recovery, it’s hard to say how long withdrawal will last. The amount of time will depend on the type of addiction the patient is suffering from and for how long he has this addiction.

However, experts believe that the average time for an individual to experience withdrawal symptoms is between 2-8 days.

Q6. Will Your Body Start Healing Itself If You Stop Addiction?

Yes, the body can start healing itself once you have put a lid on your addiction. But the extent is quite limited. Once major damage is done to the body, your immune system deteriorates. Hence, your body loses its effective healing capability.

If you have just started with an addiction, you can stop your addiction, your body will heal all the damage, and you can go back to being sober again. However, if you have been addicted for years, medical detox is the only way.

Q7. How To Naturally Detoxify Your Body?

While the addiction treatment center is doing its job by helping you detoxify your boy. You must never leave any opportunity to detoxify your body naturally.

While experts believe that drinking lots of water and excreting it out help detoxify your body naturally. You can still ask the centers to give other natural methods which you can follow while being an out-patient.

Q8. Can Withdrawal Lead To Fatality?

The withdrawal phase is one of the toughest parts for the patient during the addiction recovery process. You must ask the center to give a quote on how severe your withdrawal symptoms would be. This will help you mentally prepare yourself for the phase.

Q9. What Kind Of Training Does The Staff Have?

This is an important question that you can not miss out on, especially when seeking professional help for in-patient treatment. While you are going to stay in the rehab center for quite some time, you need people who can take care of you during your low times.

Ask the treatment center about their staff members and how well trained they are. If possible, try meeting them, especially the individual who will be in charge of taking care of you.

Q10. What Kind Of Ongoing Treatment You Will Receive After The Treatment?

Finally, ask them about the type of treatment you will receive once the addiction treatment is over. The addiction recovery process is a lifelong process. You can not just rest easy because you have become sober.

Have you ever heard the terms triggers and relapses? They are part of the addiction recovery treatments that only happen when you become completely sober.

Ask the center whether they have any after the treatment services and are willing to help again when you need help.

Final Question: What Comes After Medical Detox?

Once the medical detox is complete, now what?

This is an important question. You must know that medical detox is not the treatment; it is the preparation of your body for the actual treatment. So, ask the addiction treatment center about the therapies and counseling services you can expect after the medical detox.

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