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Women’s Long Coats Style Guide – How And When To Wear Them

Long coats aren’t just for boys! This popular masculine style has gradually transitioned into the world of womenswear and is here to stay. Long coats look just as spectacular on women, giving them an air of elegance and class. Although it was initially a men’s military coat, somehow, it doesn’t look even a bit masculine or even androgynous. It is a timeless design that has perfectly stood the test of time.

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The essentials

Like any other clothing item that has been around for decades, the long coat has evolved. Significantly when the design is revamped for the opposite sex. Nowadays there are many possibilities, from the simple cross-cut to the fact that they are made with colored silk. It is up to you to decide which long coat will be perfect for you, but we will do our best to help you!

Some women may shy away from long coats due to their military and masculine origins, but rest assured that any woman can find their long coat. There are so many different types of long coats that there is undoubtedly one for every body type.

Types of Long Coats

Short-long coats

  • This is a long coat that falls from just below the hip to mid-thigh.
  • It is a good option for small women as it will not look bulky or shorten your legs.
  • However, if you are small and curvy, go for a longer-length coat.
  • Long coats that are too short can make you appear wider than you are.
  • Tall women should avoid short, long coats as they can feel like some fabric is missing.

Medium-long coats

  • It is the most common length of a long coat, worn down to the knee.
  • It is a good choice as it suits all body types – medium height, tall, slim or curvy.
  • Even curvy little girls can go for this style instead of a short-length coat.

Long-long coats

  • These long coats go from below the knee to the ankle.
  • It is the most daring style, but you would be surprised how many people are betting on it! It just takes trust.
  • Tall women will undoubtedly go for this type of long coat, although smaller girls shouldn’t shy away from it.
  • Long coats can also work very well for small women: they create a long line that lengthens the legs.
  • Just make sure to wear the full length (up to the ankle or slightly above) rather than below the knee, as that will reduce your leg damage and lead to a somewhat odd image.
  • Wear light fabrics underneath and make sure you’re wearing something visibly high-waisted – this creates the effect of leg lengthening. A miniskirt or dress will also work.

Double-breasted long coat vs. long straight coat

This is the traditional cut of a long coat, so most of them will be double-breasted (this extra fabric adds warmth and shelter). However, you can find a feminine style that is straight cut or even without buttons.

The crossover look can be risky – it was initially conceived to make men’s torsos wider. So it can make your chest look bigger than it is, which may or may not be a good thing. Go straight or buttonless (note that buttonless long coats usually have open lapels) if you don’t want your chest to look bulkier.

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Colors and fabrics

Modern long coats are available in all kinds of colors and fabrics. You can find all the colors from the classic camel to bright pink. The fabrics are also very varied: there are wool and leather for winter or even silk. It’s up to you if you want a practical piece or an affirmation piece.

Remember that the classic version of cotton gabardine is in a neutral color such as camel, gray, navy blue, or black, it will be more timeless and easy to combine, but if you are more passionate about the most daring garments, choose the one that you love the most like it.


How to wear a long coat

Long coats are an incredibly versatile product. They look just as good, whether casual or formal, and they stand up to many different types of weather. You may want to look for something thicker in the dead of winter (unless you live in a hot place), but otherwise, it’s a great transitional piece for fall and spring.

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Long coats go great with jeans and a t-shirt or sweater. It’s a blogger favorite, so wear it on your next day off! You can also try the shirt: put on a slightly unbuttoned blouse or change your look with a denim shirt.

If you want to be very casual, put on a sweatshirt or hoodie. Shoes can also significantly change the look of your outfit: look casual with sneakers or go one step further with loafers, flats, or ankle boots. Instead of jeans, you can also try on a simple cotton dress or sweater underneath.


If your office has a formal business dress code, it won’t be easy to find suitable clothes. It looks great with sleek sheath dresses, pencil tops, and skirts, or even pantsuits. Whichever long coat length you choose, you already know it will be long enough to hide your blazer comfortably. You also look like an Old Hollywood star when you walk out of the office in your long coat and stylish heels.


As with business attire, there isn’t much outerwear that goes well with formal wear such as party gowns and evening wear.

If a fur coat is too much for you, choose a long coat. It will keep you warm and cover your dress at your next wedding, cocktail party, or gala.
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