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Why Is The Classic Tie-Dye Method Still Popular?

Tie-dye is an ancient Chinese technique that had caught on in India as early as the 6th century and the U.S. in the early 1900s. The T’ang Dynasty used natural food and flowers to make dyes to use in the tie-dye process. The popularity of this art form rose in the 1950s and ’60s in the U.S. during the “hippie” era.

From shirts to scarves to loungewear and even sweatsuits, almost everything has been eclipsed by this process. Tie-dye techniques have had their ups and downs in popularity, and it is currently experiencing an uptrend. These are the reasons why this classic is still prevalent.

Lockdowns Gave People A Lot Of DIY Time

The genre picked up its popularity again in 2020. Thanks to the pandemic-induced lockdowns, most fashion aficionados are being cooped up at home, dying to get their hands on the latest trends. Tie-dye techniques gave them their respite and allowed them to experiment with their style sense.

One statistic reports that about 462% more people searched for tie-dye techniques during the first half of April in 2020. The method soon caught on as it kept kids and adults engaged and allowed them to bring out their creativity.

Helps Make Versatile Creations

Tie-dye was limited to t-shirts and scarves in the 1900s, but not anymore. The art variant has spread its wings to engulf just about anything that uses a piece of fabric. So, the possibilities are limitless. Tie-dye Haute has gone on to make a hit in loungewear sets, sweat suits, swimwear, handbags, jackets, and any other item that uses cloth.

In fact, Christian Dior’s 2021 Spring/Summer collection features several tie-dye patterns. Some other designers using this technique this year were Stella McCartney, Givenchy, and Proenza Schouler.

Creates Uniqueness

DIY has been the rage for the past few decades, and this transcended into high fashion in 2020. Using the various tie-dye techniques, you can create unique clothing that stands out from the crowd.

The number of techniques at your disposal allows you to make exclusive pieces of clothing that no one else owns. From spirals, scrunches, sunbursts, stripes, and shibori squares, all these patterns are easy to make and incorporate colors of your choice.

Has Therapeutic Benefits

For decades, doctors have prescribed art therapy to treat depression. Tie-dye is a great stress buster for those suffering from mental health disorders. Using different techniques and colors, they can make patterns that allow doctors to read into their state of mind. It helps curb mood swings, relieves stress, lowers anxiety, promotes happiness, and provides self-discovery.

It is a known fact that art therapy can help reduce anxiety and stress as the creative process promotes positivity. When patients see their creations, their sense of self-worth increases drastically and is not restricted by age or gender.

Super Easy

Tie-dye is one of the most accessible forms of art that requires little creativity. You can simply pick from an array of techniques and make your creations. If you do have a creative flair, you can do more by combining two or more patterns. Tie-dye projects are so simple to carry out that you can let children do them. This enhances cognitive and motor skills. It can be something that the family does together.


The best part of tie-dye projects is that they are inexpensive. The supplies are inexpensive, and the results can be sold to help make money. You can get a tie-dye starter kit for as little as $12. You can make t-shirts, handbags, scarves, jackets, or any other item of clothing and sell them for a tidy sum. One tie-dye t-shirt can sell for about $10 or above. The kit allows you to make 4-5 t-shirt, so that’s about $40-$50. You can do the math.

Great For Gifting

With the technique gaining so much popularity, you can make unique gifts for your loved ones. Everyone will appreciate a tie-dye handbag or t-shirt. If you are looking at something more intimate, you can also create a unique pattern on a swimsuit, making for a personalized gift. The receiver will appreciate the time and effort you put in and your creativity.

Tie-dye techniques have made a loud and fashionable comeback. The comeback is so powerful that it has made its way into the haute couture scene. While the patterns may be ever-changing, the core of the art form remains strong. It is having another renaissance, and you can be a part of it this time around. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Bella Hadid have endorsed the technique making it the rage in the fashion industry. From geometric prints to abstract, take your pick. The bottom line is that tie-dye is here to stay.


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