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Top Thriller Series and Movies on Netflix to Binge Right Now

Netflix is a great place to watch shows but do you ever spend most of your time finding them rather than watching them? With so much variety available on the streaming giant, finding something to watch can be annoying. This is why shows and movies have been divided into categories.

Today we bring you a list of some amazing thrillers to help you work that brain as well. This genre is one of the most popular across the world because of the excitement it provides. After all, everyone loves to watch suspense, the fear of what’s going to happen next, and the surprising twist at the end that no one saw coming.

We suggest you stock your cabinets with movie snacks, and make sure that your TV or laptop is working right, and that your internet connection is stable. If you don’t have one, we suggest Mediacom. One reliable option. This is important because you don’t want the video to buffer right in the middle of an adrenaline-rushing suspense scene. So check out CenturyLink Internet and get the one that suits your requirements.

Go through this list of some exciting thriller series on Netflix that you need to start binging right now.

1. Glass Out: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)

If you missed watching Daniel Craig on your screens, plan to watch Glass Out: A Knives Out Mystery this weekend. Besides him, this movie is full of your favorite film stars such as Kate Hudson, Jessica Henwick, Dave Bautista, Leslie Odom, Edward Norton, and many more with a few surprise cameos.

This Knives Out Mystery takes us to a lavish Greek island with a tech billionaire and his over the top friends who are there for a murder mystery party. But when one of the friends actually dies, Benoit Blanc is the man put in charge of solving the mystery. The movie became Netflix’s number 4 most watched movie of all time, so make sure you become part of the group as well.

2. Dark (2017-2020)

In just a short span of three seasons, Dark has been able to gather a cult following all across the world. This is the first German original series ever to be produced for Netflix. The plot (which is a bit difficult to explain) starts when two children go missing in a German town. When it starts to look like history may be repeating itself, locals take it upon themselves to find the kids and figure out what is going on.

The plot becomes complicated and twisted just after a few episodes so don’t just take an idea here and go watch it yourself. Those who have watched the show tell you that you’ll enjoy making a flowchart while you’re watching, so I guess it’s time to make time for the show.

3. Red Rose (2022)

This one is for all the people who want to enjoy some up-to-date technological horror thrillers surrounding teens. Red Rose, released in 2022, is a story about a group of friends who are on a break after taking their GCSEs. But this app is ready to put their lives in danger when it asks them to do threatening things.

And failing to do the tasks have consequences that they do not want to face. This series perfectly shows the anxiety that surrounds the lives of the youngster when they leave grad school and enter the real world, though their entry is pretty rough and dangerous.

4. Murder Mystery (2019)

We’d just watch it for Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston but this movie, Murder Mystery, has much more to offer than just the star cast. Loosely based on Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie, this movie is the modern take on the story. Adam and Jennifer play Nick and Audrey who are taking a European vacation to get the spark back in marriage.

A billionaire offers them to join him on his yacht party, what could have gone wrong? Everything. While everything on the yacht is more than a dream, someone turns up dead and the couple is framed for it. Will they be able to prove their innocence, watch it to find out.

5. Clickbait (2021)

Clickbait is perfect for you to watch if you can’t commit to watching longer seasons. This miniseries is about a seemingly perfect family man Nick Brewer. After he goes missing, a video goes viral on the internet that makes it look like he is confessing to having done horrible things to people.

The video also shows that when its views get to 5 million, Nick will be killed. It falls upon his sister, Pia to find him and uncover the real truth before the views count gets to the doomsday scenario for the family.


The weekend is going to get full of mystery and thrillers with the amazing movies and series mentioned above. Whether you can binge multiple seasons or are contended with movies and miniseries, your weekend is sorted with these bangers.


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