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The Best Christmas Gifts for Those With Sleep Problems

Giving the Gift of Sleep

Sleeping issues are something most people are going to have to contend with at some point. Sometimes you’ve got a bout of insomnia owing to a very important project you’re working on. At other times, the issue you’re contending with has to do with physical discomfort.

If you’ve got someone in your life who has a very difficult time getting the sleep they need, they’ll love it if you can give them gifts that help them drift off. Here are a few you might consider.

1. Soft Pajamas Can Obliterate Insomnia

Some people sleep without pajamas, some can’t sleep unless they’ve got a fuzzy onesie. It depends on the individual. That said, there are some astonishingly soft pajamas out there these days, and even if these aren’t used to help the sleeper get rest, they’re downright cozy. This gift can do double duty as a lazy Saturday outfit and a sleep-enhancing solution.

2. It Sounds Strange, But: A Gym Membership

One of the reasons people have sleeping issues has to do with their daily schedule. If you sit at a computer all day, your body is essentially storing up energy. When you get home at night, you’ll be restless. However, if you can find time to get about thirty minutes of hard aerobic exercise every day, that’s going to give your body a need for rest that manifests at night.

So if you have somebody who has been looking to make a positive change in their life, but for one reason or another hasn’t made that next big step, maybe buy them a year’s membership at your local gym. If they start exercising more regularly, they’ll likely sleep better at night. Just be sure to tell them why you’ve purchased the membership.


3. Maybe Buy Them a New Mattress, If Affordable

Another gift option that’s a bit expensive, but ultimately helps people sleep how they need to, is a new mattress.

Oftentimes mattresses get used far beyond the level of design that’s effective for their intended purpose. Maybe the insomniac in your life just needs a new mattress. Here’s a site you can check out for the best firm mattress selection by a number of accounts.

4. A Bedroom Humidifier for Those Living in Dry Places

If the person you’re buying for lives in Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, North Dakota, Southern California, New Mexico, or Nevada, they’re likely dealing with a very arid environment that leaves them uncomfortable at night. A humidifier can fix that problem elegantly, quickly, simply, and comfortably. Also, these are more affordable than you may imagine.


5. A White Noise Option Can Help Invite Sleep More Quickly

The surf crashing gently against the shore, a rainstorm in a rainforest, maybe some gentle wind or a babbling brook—these are examples of white noise. Have you ever taken a nap in an area where you could hear a slow, soothing, peaceful sound like this? Sometimes such white noise lulls someone into a deep sleep even if they’re not tired.

While there are individuals who need total silence or loud noises in the background to get a good night’s sleep, most of us will do better with a little white noise. You can pick up some very affordable white noise machines; you might want to buy someone struggling with healthy sleep a device like this.

Helping Friends or Family Get Consistent Rest

Soft pajamas are so cozy, sleep practically tackles the wearer. A gym membership helps the body crave sleep naturally when used regularly. A new mattress provides levels of firmness or softness the insomniac in your life desperately needs. A humidifier keeps their respiratory system from drying out. Lastly, a white noise machine can provide a blanket of sound that helps to tuck the mind in for a night’s respite.

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