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Splitsvilla 9 – The MTV Splitsvilla season 9 Download

Splitsvilla 9 – Overview of the Show

Splitsvilla 9 is an Indian reality TV show and is very popular with young audiences. And also is the best entertainer.

Moreover, The show will air on MTV India, and the show has completed nine successful seasons, Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh currently hosts the showing.

Firstly, The reality show is re-mastered from the American reality dating show “Flavor of Love” and revolves around boys and girls trying to secure a spot in Splitvilla, with participants completing assignments and mingling with participants to get the To find love.

Thoroughly, After much fighting, hatred, jealousy, hatred, friendship, Later they crown a boy and a girl as a couple and declare them the winners of the show.

And also, The show likewise has a King and Queen who can dispose of different contestants.

Splitsvilla 9 – Info

Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone are the hosts for the show, and this season’s location is in Puducherry. However, The show premiered its first episode on June 11, 2016, And also, while the trailer for the season aired on television on May 15, 2016.

Because, The Splitsvilla 9 season has 15 boys and 6 girls, and the show’s theme is “Where Women Rule“.

However, The show consists of a couple from the previous MTV Roadies season, and this time there will be no king or download power for the kids.

But, The six girls and 15 boys will fight through love, friendship, hatred, and betrayal to be the ultimate Splitsvilla winner. However, In Season 9, where women ruled, there were two queens and no kings.

However, The Queens were given the power to get rid of warriors and princesses.

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Splitsvilla 9 – Contestants (Boys)

varun sood - splitsvilla 9
Varun Sood
Gurmeet Singh Rehal - splitsvilla 9
Gurmeet Singh Rehal
Nikhil Sachdeva - splitsvilla 9
Nikhil Sachdeva
Abhishek Singh Pathania - splitsvilla 9
Abhishek Singh Pathania
Karan Khanna - splitsvilla 9
Karan Khanna
Pratik Kalsi - splitsvilla 9
Pratik Kalsi






Ayan Khan - splitsvilla 9
Ayan Khan
Zain Abideen - splitsvilla 9
Zain Abideen
Karan Chhabra - splitsvilla 9
Karan Chhabra
Aditya Singh Rajput - splitsvilla 9
Aditya Singh Rajput
Akhil Kataria - splitsvilla 9
Akhil Kataria
Anuranjan Awasthi - splitsvilla 9
Anuranjan Awasthi





Milind Manek - splitsvilla 9
Milind Manek
Harshit Tomar - splitsvilla 9
Harshit Tomar
Shubhashish - splitsvilla 9
Ishaan Singh Manhas - splitsvilla 9
Ishaan Singh Manhas
Sushant Mohindru - splitsvilla 9
Sushant Mohindru





Splitsvilla 9 – Contestants (Girls)

Kavya Khurana - Splitsvilla 9 (1)
Kavya Khurana
Rajnandini Borpuzari - Splitsvilla 9
Rajnandini Borpuzari
Shreeradhe Khanduja - splitsvilla 9 (1)
Shreeradhe Khanduja
Priya Haridas - splitsvilla 9
Priya Haridas
Mia Lakra - splitsvilla 9
Mia Lakra
Mayuri Das - splitsvilla 9
Mayuri Das





Martina Thariyan - splitsvilla 9
Martina Thariyan
Isha Anand Sharma - splitsvilla 9
Isha Anand Sharma
Niharika Ghai - splitsvilla 9
Niharika Ghai





Watch and download Splitsvilla 9 for free

Splitsvilla 9 - Watch and Download

Splitsvilla 9 – Wild Card Entries

Ayan - splitsvilla 9
Zain - splitsvilla 9

Moreover, Three princesses and two warriors joined as wildcard entries—the entry of two brothers, Ayan and Zain. The two brothers entered the villa with a lot of loot!

And also, Participants, especially the boys, were surprised to see more competition in the villa, but it was a pleasant surprise for the girls.

However, the other three princesses were the Wild Card Entries – Priya Haridas, an Indian Model, and Mia Lakra and Shreeradhe Khanduja.

Priya Haridas - splitsvilla 9
Priya Haridas
Mia Lakra - splitsvilla 9
Mia Lakra
Shreeradhe Khanduja - splitsvilla 9 (1)
Shreeradhe Khanduja


Splitsvilla 9 – Elimination list

Nikhil Sachdeva – 4th Place, out before final task as evil queen Rajnandini chose Pratik Kalsi over him

Mia Lakra – 5th Place, Lost to Varun and Martina in the semi finale task

Shreeradhe Khanduja – 6th Place, entered as a first wild card: voted out in semi-finale task

Karan Khanna – 7th Place, Dumped by Kavya

Abhishek Singh Pathania – 8th Place, Dumped by Kavya and Rajnandini

Isha Anand Sharma – 9th Place, Dumped by Kavya and Rajnandini

Ayan Khan – 10th Place, Entered as wild card entrant: Dumped by Rajnandini

Priya Haridas – 11th Place, Dumped by Rajnandani

Karan Chhabra – 12th Place, Dumped by Martina. Re-entered: Dumped by Kavya

Zain Abideen – 13th Place, Chose to quit to save Priya

Mayuri Das – 14th Place, Dumped by Martina

Akhil Kataria – 15th Place, Dumped by Martina

Anuranjan Awasthi – 16th Place, Dumped by Martina

Niharika Ghai – 17th Place, Lost against Rajnandini

Harshit Tomar – 18th Place, Dumped by Martina

Milind Manek – 19th Place, Dumped by Martina

Shubhashish Banerjee – 20th Place, Dumped by Martina

Ishaan Singh Manhas – 21st Place, Dumped by Princesses

Sushant Mohindru – 22nd Place, Dumped by Princesses

Splitsvilla 9 – Runner-up list

Varun Sood – 2nd Place

Martina Thariyan – 2nd Place

Pratik Kalsi – 3rd Place

Rajnandini Borpuzori – 3rd Place, 2nd Queesn of the Villa

Splitsvilla 9 – Winners of the Villa

Gurmeet Singh Rehal - splitsvilla 9 (1)
Gurmeet Singh Rehal
Kavya Khurana - Splitsvilla 9 (1)
Kavya Khurana

Gurmeet Rehal – 1st Place, Ultimate King


Kavya Khurana – 1st Place, Ultimate Queen



Other seasons of Splitsvilla other than Splitsvilla 9

[Season 1] – Presented by Rannvijay Singh, two boys, Varun Saini und Vishal Karwal, find the last girl of their dreams by putting 20 girls through a grueling ordeal. Vishal and Shradha Haribhai were named season one winners.

[Season 2] – The Host for the second season were Nikhil Chinappa, and the show took place in Goa. However, Siddharth Bharadwaj and Sakshi Pradhan were the winners of season 2.

[Season 3] – Riya Banmiyal and Parag Chadha were the season’s winners. And also, This was the first time Splitsvilla had gone international and the filming location for season 3 was Pattaya.

[Season 4] – However, Dushyant Yadav and Priya Shinde have announced Season 4 and were shot in Dubai.

[Season 5] – Akansha and Paras were the winners of season 5, shot near Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand.

[Season 6] – Winners of season 6 were Paramvir Singh and Mandy Debbarma.

[Season 7] – Was set in Samode Palace, Jaipur, India. However, Mayank Gandhi and Scarlett Rose were the winners of this season.

[Season 8] – The season’s theme was “What Women Love.” Prince Narula and Anuki Tchokhonelidze were the winners of this season.

But among all the seasons, the Splitsvilla 9 was the most-watched and entertaining among other seasons.

Splitsvilla 9 timing

what time splitsvilla comes on MTV

Splitsvilla X3 Start Date / Repeat Telecast Timings

Show name:  Splitsvilla X3 (2021)

Channel:  MTV India & Voot

Produced By:  Colosceum Media

Start date: 6th March 2021

Telecast Time: Saturday at 7:00 PM


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