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Picking The Right Bra: 5 Tips For Plus-Size Women

Having large and voluptuous breasts may come as both a blessing and a curse for some women. While such features elevate your sex appeal, it could be stressful and daunting to shop for the perfect bra. Since these undergarments are used on a daily basis, you’d want to find them to be comfortable and supportive, allowing you to move freely and wear any outfit with them.

With the plethora of brands, materials, designs, and colors available in the market today, chances are you’ll be able to find the right bra for a plus-size woman like you. With careful research and reading some tips in this article, you’re one step closer to owning plus-size bras that keep you happy and contented. Finding the most suitable bra and finding your right bra size are both easier when you know how and what to look for.

You can make your plus-size bra shopping easier when you apply the tips below:

1. Be Familiar With The Kinds Of Plus-Size Bras 

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Several plus-size bras exist based on their design, style, and fit. Thankfully, the underwear industry continues developing and determining the best bra options for various plus-size women. You can now choose from a wide variety, no matter what occasion you intend to wear these bras for. The first step is to become familiar with the plus-size bras there are.

  • Moulded

Moulded plus-size bras are the best option for curvy women because they provide excellent coverage and reduce volume without adding bulk to the bust. If your concern is the visible cups on your tight blouse or dress, this plus-size bra can help you with that. Because of its seamless feature on the cup, you won’t have to struggle hiding the cups’ lines.

  • Underwired 

Women with heavy busts should use underwired plus-size bras as they’ll help lift your bust under any outfit. Their purpose is to lift and contour your figures, giving them a round shape. This works wonders for any outfit. This should also be good for any type of office wear for women.

  • Soft Padded 

A soft padded plus size bra is the best choice if comfort is your top priority. Most of the time, these are great for everyday wear as they allow you to enjoy the light pads and enough support. Your busts will be highly comfortable in these bras, and they pair well with a variety of outfits.

  • Strapless 

Finding a strapless bra for women with large breasts isn’t a difficult task. There are so many strapless options for plus-size women today. This type of bra is great if you intend to wear tube tank tops or spaghetti straps to hide your bra straps.

  • Wire-Free 

Plus size bras without wires are also called soft cup bras because no rigid material is used. However, this won’t lift your bust as the wired ones do. Because of this, curvy women have found them to be the most comfortable bras to wear every day.

2. Determine Your Accurate Bra Size

In most cases, getting a free bra fitting will be the best way to determine your actual bra size. You can head over to your favorite brick-and-mortar underwear store and have your bra size conducted by an expert. However, if you intend to shop online or virtually, you can determine your accurate bra size by yourself. It’s pretty easy in a few steps.

Measure the narrowest part of your rib cage under your bust. Then, measure the fullest part of your bust. Finally, deduct the amount from the former measurement, which will become your cup size. If you’re shopping online, find a bra size calculator that you can use to quickly calculate your band and cup sizes based on your measurements.

3. Consider The Fit 

You should check the perfect fit of your bra to know whether it’s best for you. Here are some considerations to focus on:

  • Band

The band shouldn’t ride up the back or seesaw if you bend over.

  • Center Gore

It’s essential to ensure that the panel connecting the two cups, also known as the center gore, is flush with the chest. No gaps or spaces should exist between the two panels.

  • Bra Cups

If applicable, it’s best to have your underwire completely encircle your breasts. No matter what kind of cups you have, they should be rightfully containing your breasts. You can check whether your bra fits well by looking at the band, underwire, and breast containment, regardless of any differences in sizing.

4. Go For Bras With Back And Shoulder Support 

Many women tend to overlook the importance of back and shoulder support when buying the perfect plus-size bra. You may tend to buy an overly loose bra, which doesn’t support your body well enough for the cups to be held in place. In this case, you need to adjust the bands so the straps won’t keep falling off your shoulders.

Or you might have chosen a tight strap when they keep digging in and hurting your skin. In this case, it’s best to buy a bra one size bigger than this one. Bands should provide support, not straps. It’s suggested that if they dig into your shoulders, try loosening them up and down a size if they’re still too tight.

5. Learn Proper Care For Bra 

An incorrect or overwashed bra can lead to elastin breakdown in the fabric, resulting in stretching and loss of support. Some practices can help the longevity of your bra’s condition. For instance, it’s recommended that you use a separate laundry bag intended for your bras so the cups and bands won’t be deformed and squeezed in with the other clothes. Try to use lukewarm water when washing and mild detergent. Keep in mind not to toss your bras in the dryer as they’ll affect their condition. Apply the rules for washing your bras so you can have them for a long time.

Finally, it’s essential to understand that the support provided by bras gradually diminishes over time. Even your favorite bras eventually need to be replaced, no matter how well you care for them. Wear a different bra every other day. Elastic fabrics will regain their shape if this is done. Also, it’s preferable to handwash them compared to using a washing machine to wash them. Don’t fold the cups when storing or packing them; room should be left between them to prevent damage to the shape.


By being familiar with the necessary tips in finding the best plus-size bra, you can have a smoother experience for your bra shopping. Knowing how to find the right fit will allow you to explore all your options in the size that’s right for you, finally finding your perfect bra. Put these suggestions into practice so you can wear comfortable bras all year round.


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