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Mom time – why it’s important to have it

mom time

Becoming a mother(mom time) also implies becoming multiple professions, from the moment our children are born until the age when they no longer depend on us to survive.

However, we always continue to support them. They become our priority, and most of our time is dedicated to seeing that they lack nothing and receive all the love they need.

And sometimes it happens that, being so deeply into that dedication to our children, we forget a little about ourselves and that feeling of ” first him, that I will be able to do my thing later ” enters, and without realizing that “later” it might never come.

So no, mom. You also need to pamper yourself and dedicate yourself to yourself. I share with you what “time for mom” is and why all mothers must have it.

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Mom also matters

What do we mean by “time for mom.”

  1. That is time for you. To do what? What you want. What makes you happy. Whatever makes you feel good and puts a smile on your face or makes you feel full in your heart.
  2. Of course, having our children and spending time with them also brings us happiness and a lot of love.
    But I speak of what fulfills you as a woman.
  3. Those activities that before becoming a mother, produced happiness and physical or emotional well-being.
  4. If you are not sure where to start or what I mean by this, I will give you some examples:
  5. Perhaps you were passionate about reading, and now that you are a mom, you don’t remember when did you last touched a book.
  6. Maybe you used to love pampering yourself with creams, lotions, and masks, but now your skin is crying out for hydration.
  7. Perhaps you liked to put on a song and disconnect from the world, but now all you hear is crying or “mommy, mommy” all day.
  8. Now, there is nothing wrong with this, nor is it a complaint. When we are mothers, it is entirely normal for us to forget about ourselves.
  9. But that’s why I’m writing this article so that we all remember that we also have to take care of ourselves.
  10. So that we can find a way to have that “mom time.” And above all, so that we do not feel guilty or bad mothers for wanting time for ourselves.

Why it is important to have a mom time

If you have never had that “time for mom,” I invite you to start doing it today or this week.

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