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Lab Grown Diamonds: Understanding Their Key Differences

You probably know that there are a few differences between mined and lab grown diamonds. For instance, they are priced extremely differently, but why is that the case? But are lab grown diamonds more sustainable than the mined variety? And what are other differences between lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds?

If you’re interested, we’ve collected some information about the critical differences between mined and lab grown diamonds. We’re about to break down everything you might want to know about these differences, so continue reading if you want to learn more.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Less Expensive?

Many people know that lab grown diamonds, including VRAI lab grown diamonds are less expensive than mined diamonds. However, they often think that they cost significantly less because they are grown in a lab, meaning there’s a higher supply compared to the mined variety. But the truth is that most of the cost related to traditional diamonds comes from the mining process itself.

Lab grown diamonds cost up to 50 percent less than mined diamonds, according to Forbes. This difference results from the sped up creation process used to make VRAI lab grown diamonds. VRAI lab grown diamonds aren’t mined, so they are less expensive mined diamonds that require far more resources. Removing the mining process makes it easier to build up and grade a supply of VRAI lab grown diamonds.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds More Sustainable Than Mined Diamonds?

VRAI lab grown diamonds are generally considered to be more sustainable than mined diamonds. It’s believed that this has to do with the mining process being removed, as VRAI lab grown diamonds don’t destroy the earth like traditional gem mining does. Additionally, instead of incurring extra costs related to destruction and time spent mining, VRAI lab grown diamonds can be made more reliably within lab walls. This is the case with many lab grown diamond varieties.

If you care about sustainability and the well-being of the environment overall, you may want to choose VRAI lab grown diamonds for your engagement rings and other jewelry pieces. This is far more budget friendly, as well as far more eco-friendly and sustainable. If you’re in the middle of planning an engagement, considering your partner’s feelings about sustainability may be an essential aspect to consider while diamond shopping.

How are Lab Grown Diamonds Graded and Processed?

When it comes to grading lab grown diamonds, VRAI lab grown diamonds are graded and processed in a way that is extremely the same as more traditional gems. They are cut and polished using the same processes and types of machinery. The same standards are followed meticulously closely when it comes to the 4Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat. What this means is that lab grown and mined diamonds look almost exactly the same, especially if they receive the same or similar grades on the 4Cs scale.

Are VRAI Lab Grown Diamonds Real Diamonds?

On a scientific level, VRAI lab grown diamonds are made out of the same carbon as regular mined diamonds, and they are also very structurally similar. This means they can be scientifically classified as diamonds and they are, in fact, real diamonds. Most gemologists and scientists certainly believe lab grown diamonds are real diamonds and classify them as such.

Lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds both come with imperfections as well, at least most of the time. This gives them another similarity with each other, which is quite significant. VRAI lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds both grow over time, meaning the structures are extremely similar. However, VRAI lab grown diamonds only take a handful of months to grow, while mined diamonds can take several hundred years.

Are VRAI Lab Grown Diamonds Visually Different From Mined Diamonds?

It’s tough to notice any differences between lab grown and mined diamonds, and this is definitely the case with the naked eye. Diamond and gemstone experts, called gemologists, will even have difficulty noticing a difference under a microscope. This means there are no apparent differences between most lab grown and mined diamonds, even on a molecular level. If the potential of visual differences between the two were of concern for you, you don’t need to worry about this aspect.


Even if you’re intensely interested in crystals, gems, and diamonds, you were likely surprised at the extreme similarities between lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds. VRAI lab grown diamonds are nearly visually indistinguishable from their more natural and classic counterparts, and they can both be graded on the same scale because of their structural and visual similarities.

Lab grown diamonds really only differ from traditional diamonds they aren’t mined, and this allows the associated costs to be far less. Cutting out the mining process also makes these lab grown gems incredibly sustainable for the environment, making them an incredibly forward-thinking invention. In the case any of these aspects matter to you or your partner, we firmly believe that VRAI lab grown diamonds may be the right choice for you and your engagement ring, as well as other jewelry pieces you might want.


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