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Kedarnath Movie – Filmyzilla Updated (Nov 2021)

Kedarnath Torrent

The Kedarnath movie Filmyzilla released in 2018 gave a debut for the actress Sara Ali Khan. Sara Ali Khan and the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput played vital roles. This movie presents a love story between Hindus and Muslims. Kedarnath Movie is a 2018 Indian Hindi-language romantic average hit film written, directed, and co-produced by Abhishek Kapoor.

This film is also based on an actual incident of the Uttrakhand floods. It describes how a Muslim pithoo rescues a Hindu tourist from the floods of Uttrakhand. The songs Qaafirana and Namo Namo made it into the top audience charts.

It tells an interfaith love story between the daughter of a wealthy Hindu Brahmin whose family owns an inn and shops near the historical temple of Kedarnath in the mountains of Uttarakhand and a Muslim boy who is a “pithoo” (doorman) who works in the same locality. . As their bond grows closer, the couple faces many obstacles, including disapproval of family and contrasting backgrounds; When the sudden rains from the 2013 Uttarakhand floods devastate the region, the couple are forced to survive against the elements in the face of the ultimate test of their love.

While famous Bollywood singer Arijit Singh sang Qaafirana, acclaimed singer Amit Trivedi lent his voice to Namo Namo. Though the movie received mixed reviews, it grossed 85.28 million rupees at the box office in India. In addition, the film grossed 11.36 million rupees in the foreign market.

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About The Movie

Country: India

Director: Abhishek Kapoor

Producer: Ronnie Srewvala, Pragya Kapoor, Abhishek Kapoor

Writer: Kanika Dhillon & Abhishek Kapoor

Star Cast: Sushant Singh Rajput & Sara Ali Khan

Musician Score: Hitesh Sonik

Songs: Amit Trivedi

Cinematography: Tushar Kanti Ray

Editor: Chandan Arora

Production Companies: RSVP Movies, Guy in The Sky Pictures

Distributor: Gravitas Ventures

Release Date: 7 December 2018

Running Time: 116 minutes

Budget: ₹35 crore

Box Office: ₹120.64 crore

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About Kedarnath Movie – Cast – Kedarnath Torrent Magnet

kedarnath torrent

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Kedarnath Movie – Plot – Kedarnath Torrent Magnet

Kedarnath - Kedarnath torrent magnet (1)

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In the valley around Kedarnath Temple, Mansoor Khan is a local Muslim porter. Mandakini “Mukku” Mishra is the youngest daughter of a Hindu priest who runs the pilgrimage accommodation next to the temple on behalf of the temple committee.

She is engaged to the high priest’s nephew. He should marry his older sister. They both got engaged in childhood, but he left the sister and switched to her when she got prettier, and his father agreed. Out of revolt, Mukku flirts with the local boys, persuades them to come to his house, and suggests that he embarrass his father and fiancé.

Mansoor is different, however, as they both notice each other, and then Mukku takes the first step and hires him as his regular bouncer while she walks from her childhood home to a neighboring town to help out with her uncle.

However, Mukku talks to him and flirts outrageously, and eventually gets enough reaction to know that he feels the same way. They get caught in the rain together, tell stories from their childhood, and then share a kiss.

But his envious sister tells Mansoor that Mukku is flirting with him like all the other boys.

Intermission – Kedarnath Torrent Magnet

Mukku cannot defend himself when confronted by her but begins to follow him and finally sits in the rain in front of his house. Her sister tries to cover her up, but she is discovered, and her family picks her up to kick all Muslims out, which not by chance also makes way for the new luxury hotel they are planning.

Mukku’s family brings her home, who are promoting their wedding. However, she continues to insist that Mansoor will get her. Mansoor arrives but is seen by Mukku’s fiancé who brutally beats up Mansoor. However, his friend asks to be safe and takes an unconscious Mansoor home with him. As the porter community prepares to leave the valley, Mansoor decides not to go without mukku.

Moreover, Mukku is married to Kullu and cuts her wrist, but her family saves her; Her current husband mocks Mansoor with the news. Mansoor runs to Mukku and promises that he will fetch her that night when he recovers to leave the valley together. Her husband plans to take their band of priests, kill Mansoor and drive out all Muslims. Suddenly it rains, and also the floods begin.

Mansoor sends his mother with the other porters into the mountains and runs towards Mukku. She and her family try to gather the guests of their hostel upstairs. The storm forces in her husband and mother, and also Mukku refuses to accompany him. And then the ground collapses, and his sister and mother have swept away along with half the other people.

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Climax of the Movie – Kedarnath Torrent Magnet

Kedarnath Sushant and Sara Ali Khan - Kedarnath torrent magnet

Mukku and his father and a few more go to the temple. Mansoor finds them there when the waterfalls. He takes her hand in the flood, and his father grabs her, and the three are safe. After the water has subsided, they go to a house that is still standing and greet an Indian army helicopter supposed to rescue them.

Mansoor first sends the woman and child with them, then Mukku’s father, then Mukku, and finally prepares to leave himself. But there is only room for one more person, and the family man has to go, so Mansoor sacrifices himself and sends him in his place.

Mukku screams as he watches helplessly as Mansoor dies as the ground below crumbles into the raging river. Three years later, Mukku still lives with her father and runs the animal shelter. She listens to Mansoor’s favorite song on the radio, dedicated to him with a smile.

Kedarnath Torrent Magnet – FAQ

  1. When was Kedarnath released?

Kedarnath was released on December 7, 2018.

  1. Who made Kedarnath Movie Download Filmyzilla?

Abhishek Kapoor directed Kedarnath Movie Download Filmyzilla.

  1. Which stars have played in Kedarnath?

Kedarnath has Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan.

  1. What are other websites for downloading Kedarnath?

In addition to ZEE 5, Amazon users can download Kedarnath from Amazon Prime Video.

  1. Is Kedarnath available in ZEE 5, Amazon Prime Video?

Kedarnath is now available for viewing on ZEE 5, one of the most popular legal websites for watching or downloading movies.

  1. Where can I download the Kedarnath movie?

Kedarnath Now available in ZEE 5, Amazon Prime Video is a popular legal website for watching or downloading movies.

  1. How can I download Kedarnath?

In addition to ZEE 5, users can download Kedarnath’s full movie in Hindi from Amazon Prime Video.

  1. Is Kedarnath available in Hindi in ZEE 5?

Kedarnath is now available to watch in ZEE 5, and Amazon Prime Video is one of the famous legal websites to watch or download movies.

  1. When was Kedarnath released?

Kedarnath was released on December 7, 2018.

  1. How do I download Kedarnath?

Those who haven’t watched Kedarnath can now watch shows on ZEE 5’s legal websites, Amazon Prime Video.


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