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How to boost the efficacy of your move with tech support

Technology has taken over every industry and there is no doubt that it has changed them for the good. Though many people view tech as an enemy as it is replacing people, it has brought a revolution. For thousands of years moving industry is working in a very monotonous way and the recent addition of technology in moving has made the process not a lot easier but also smooth.

If you too are planning a move soon, it is a good idea to bring technology into the picture to have a transformed and easy moving experience. Here are some technology trends that may help you in your move:

Moving Apps/Websites

Like all other industries, most good moving companies have developed their moving apps that have made moving an altogether different process. Earlier, finding and booking a reliable and reputed moving company was a big task but it has become so easy now as you can easily learn about the moving process of a particular moving company by installing their app or just by visiting its official website. Many people use their mobile phones for searching and retrieving information, so using them for finding one of the efficient movers NYC is a good idea. The moving apps will not only help you in getting the right moving company but will also assist in the moving process.

  • You will be able to get a moving quote by just entering all the required information. All you have to do is to enter all your inventory, current and destination locations, moving date, and distance to travel. The digital moving quote calculator gives you an exact moving estimate.
  • You can book the service all by yourself for your required date and time. Simply fill the form available on their website or mobile app and you are done. The company will approach you back with the details and booking confirmation.
  • Moving companies are encouraging a virtual tour of your house before sending a moving quote. As we know that it is wise to have a written moving quote after the on-site visit of a company representative. Technology has even made this step easy by providing a virtual tour facility.
  • You can read the reviews and ratings of your selected company to learn about its service standards and after-service policies. You can even search about the working license and insurance of the company and that is mandatory to stay safe from any kind of moving fraud.
  • And also, you can select all your required services on the company app or website and then the moving calculator will provide you estimate as per your selected services so it gets easy for you to understand your moving budget well in advance and you can add or remove your additional services as per your budget.
  • Once you have booked your moving company, the next step is the moving day. Moving day is a very tedious day and no matter how well you have organized your move, you may get overwhelmed. The most difficult time of the moving day is the transition time. You may get panicked if you are not able to contact your truck driver. best iphone app for moving cross country has made it easier for you to track the vehicle any time during the move to be sure of the safety of your goods. GPS technology installed in the moving vehicles by the companies helps customers in tracking their goods at any point in time and also the progress of the move. The tracking device doesn’t only help the customers but also saves the company from answering any queries related to the delivery of goods.
  • You get the facility of customer support round the clock as most companies provide AI bots to provide solutions to all possible queries.

Along with these online apps and services, technological innovations have made life much easier otherwise too. There are some more technologies that you may use to make your move easier. 

Social Media

Social media may sound like a mere wastage of time, but it can actually be very helpful sometimes. You can use your Facebook or Instagram handles to make your move easy. You can even ask your social media friends for recommendations and free moving stuff. All you have to do is to post about your requirement. Use your social media groups to learn about your destination city or area. Consider selling the unwanted goods that you have taken out while downsizing your house on your Facebook page. This will not only save you a lot of time and energy by avoiding a yard sale but will help you in getting rid of all your house clutter easily.


Your moving is sorted and you have taken advantage of your social media account to the fullest, now is the time to travel to your destination place. If you are moving within the same city, going by your own vehicle or public transport are the options. But if you are moving to another city, then you can get your tickets book online. There are plenty of travel websites to compare the rates and book your tickets sitting in the comfort of your own home.

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