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How to apply mascara without making a mess

If something essential makes the look stand out in good eye makeup, it is to have well-defined eyelashes with the color, volume, and density that a good mascara offers you.

The mascara is an essential complement that you always have to have, especially when, with masks, the only facial part that we see the eyes.

Unfortunately, when you least expect it, there are clumps on your lashes after applying mascara, and that is a bummer because it ruins all your makeup in a few seconds.

Do not worry, because it is true that we always want perfect makeup, and to help you. I am going to give you some tips because to avoid the hateful lumps in our eyelashes. There are also remedies.

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Avoid wearing too many layers of mascara

  1. We all want longer and denser eyelashes because, in this way, we can give our makeup more depth with a perfect final finish.
  2. But usually, most of us make a grave mistake. Remember, forever, please, not to give so many mascara strokes.
  3. Go for a mascara that works well with a couple of coats, and in between, let the mascara dry well. Don’t be in a hurry because they dry fast, and the result is well worth it.

How to apply mascara correctly.

  • It’s very easy. Always apply the mascara with a “zig-zag” movement, starting its application from the base of the eyelashes and moving the brush in a zig-zag. We will finish at the tips.
  • Above all, do not overload the brush with too much product.
  • This little trick will prevent clumps from forming on your lashes.

Get used to using an eyelash curler.

  1. It is an accessory that we do not give much importance to, and I assure you it has it, especially if your eyelashes are short. For you, it is mandatory.
  2. With the eyelash curler, we will give our eyelashes a more curved shape, and if we then apply the two layers of rigor, as I explained before, you will hallucinate with the difference.

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Comb your lashes

  • There is nothing like combing your lashes so that the clumps disappear entirely.
  • When you have applied the mascara and dried it, take the special eyelash comb and comb it with special care.
  • You will see what a difference! You will not believe that those eyelashes you see in the mirror are yours.

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How to keep your mascara in perfect condition?


  1. A good mascara is usually in good condition for three to four months. From there, it is when we can find that we have dried up.
  2. There are several tricks to resuscitate our mascara, some more effective than others, but of the ones that I am going to explain, they all go well (although I have my favorite)
  3. The mask needs to store at room temperature. As time passes and we see that it has dried, most people put a couple of drops of olive oil.
  4. With this trick, the mascara is more diluted, yes, but also a little more fluid, with which the adherence is not the same, and the mascara will run to the minimum, so it is a trick that works well, but not is my favorite.
  5. Another way to help mascara to be the same as before is by giving it heat. Putting it in a bain-marie is another trick that works well since it does not alter the product but for emergencies and only when you use it.
  6. Personally, instead of choosing to put oil on it, I better decide to put a few drops of eye drops or physiological saline. With this technique, the mascara regains moisture and nothing greasy remains.

How to remove mascara when removing makeup

  • We already know that you have to remove makeup every night, but we often do not do it most correctly.
  • In mascara, we tend to leave product accumulated on the eyelashes because we do not just drag it well. Therefore, the next day, when we put makeup on our eyelashes again, clumps appear on them.
  • If the mascara is waterproof or waterproof, then the work is more complicated for us.
  • My recommendation is that you do not overuse waterproof mascara because it is a product that has an adhesive that makes it set much better, but that makes it difficult to remove it when removing makeup.
  • The most accessible and most convenient option is to purchase a commercial eyelash mascara remover.
  • If you opt for a more natural way to do it, using extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil will help you remove the product without drying or damaging your lashes. Use a cotton ball with the oil and wipe it very gently over your eyelashes.
  • You can also use petroleum jelly since it helps straightforwardly remove mascara without rubbing the eyelashes, thanks to its greasy composition.

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