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Essential Holiday Beauty Prep Basics

The holidays will be here before you know it, which means that now is the perfect time to start preparing to look your best for all your big events. If you’re not sure where to get started, we’ve rounded up 10 essential holiday beauty prep basics that should be on everyone’s list this winter:

Hydrate and Moisturize your Skin.

You don’t want dry, dull skin during a big holiday event, which is why hydration and moisturization is essential for any winter skincare routine. Hydration helps to attract water molecules to your skin, while moisturization promotes a healthy balance of natural oils. Choose luxury skincare products such as nourishing serums and thick creams that will keep your skin looking plump and glowy no matter the forecast outside.

Exfoliate Regularly But Gently.

You should also get into a regular exfoliation routine before the holidays even begin. Use a gentle yet effective exfoliator one to three nights a week depending on your skin’s tolerance. We suggest using an exfoliant two to three days before a big event so that you’ll have time for any temporary irritation to go away. If you exfoliate too close to an event, use skincare for redness to help calm your skin down fast.

Visit the Dentist.

We recommend visiting the dentist well in advance of the holidays, up to a month or more before big events. This ensures that you won’t be trying to cram in a dental appointment during a busy and stressful week. It also gives you plenty of time to start seeing results with a whitening treatment if you decide that you’d like to brighten up your smile for the holidays.

Create a Body Skincare Routine.

If your face is getting all of the attention, consider giving your body some love as well. A regular exfoliation, washing, and moisturizing routine will help you to glow from head to toe. This is especially important if you plan to reveal a more revealing outfit to your holiday parties, such as  backless dress or a low-cut jumpsuit.

Wash your Makeup Brushes.

The holidays are the perfect time to wash your makeup brushes and sponges to prepare for event season. Wash them out at least two days before a big event so that they have enough to fully dry before you need to apply your makeup. Depending how often you wear makeup, you should wash them out every one to two weeks to get rid of product buildup and stop bacteria from forming.

Wash your makeup brushes.Dye and trim your Hair in Advance.

If you’re planning to get your hair refreshed for the holidays, we recommend booking your appointment at least a week before the big event. This gives plenty of time for excess dye to wash out and also gives you a change to experiment with styling it before the party. Even if you don’t want or need a major haircut, it’s a good idea to get a trim to eliminate split ends and ensure you look your best at the big event.

Get your Lashes and Brows Done.

If you want to get your brows tinted or have lash extensions put in, we also recommend doing that around the same time you get your hair done — so at least a week before the big event.  That gives everything time to settle and any excess glue and dye will wash away with your facial cleanser. If you’re never had either treatment done before, you might want to get them done even further in advance so that you have the lead time to make adjustments if necessary.

Wax or Shave Before Tanning.

If you want to get a glow before your party, you should wax or shave first to ensure a smooth surface for the tanning products. If you reverse the order, waxing or shaving afterward can remove layers of skin and cause your tan to look patchy. Even if you’re planning on getting a tan, you should wax at least five to seven days in advance to allow your skin to heal and irritation to go down.

Wax or shave before tanning.Get a Mani or Pedi Right Before The Event.

Nail polish is prone to chipping quickly even when professionally applied. If you plan to get a manicure or pedicure, book it the day before or even the day of an event. You might also want to keep a bottle of the polish on hand so that you can touch it up if you do get a chip. To make the polish last longer, avoid prolonged exposure to water and harsh chemicals and wear gloves when doing the dishes or similar choices.

Splurge On a Facial.

If you want to give your skin a quick boost before a big event, consider booking a facial appointment. Facials can treat a multitude of skin concerns, from clogged pores to redness to dull and uneven texture. Keep in mind that many dermatologists and aestheticians book out in advance, so reach out now if you think you’d like to get a facial for the holidays.

Be Prepared With Spot Treatments.

The holidays can really do a number on your skin, and you might find yourself struggling with blemishes even if you don’t normally deal with them the rest of the year. We recommend keeping spot treatments on hand so that you can start treating a blemished as soon as it begins to appear. Wearing pimple patches overnight can help to draw gunk out of your pores, while salicylic acid or sulfur treatments will help to dry it out during the day.

Have you already started your holiday beauty prep, or are you just thinking about it? What else do you do to prepare for the holidays besides the beauty tips we already shared? Let us know in the comments below!

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