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Different types of tank tops in trend?

Despite living in a casual society – nowadays it is common to go to the office in a T-shirt and rubber shoes – there is still a certain suspicion towards the most informal garments, the tank tops.

Due to its sleeveless nature, it allows for better movement and breathability. Great for exercising but not the best look for dining out. As simple as they are, specific rules must follow when wearing one.

This post will review the different points that must be taken into account when wearing a tank top. Whether you’re looking for summer clothes or want a gym outfit, here are some helpful tips.

What are the best tank tops for our bodies?

Unlike what the sizes tell us in stores, all our bodies are different. To look our best, it is essential to understand our attributes and how we can highlight them.

It may seem complex, but the truth is that by understanding a couple of basic concepts, anyone can learn to choose clothes that flatter them.

Beware of horizontal lines and colored blocks

  1. These tend to attract attention and therefore make you see something more significant than it is. In general, avoid graphics below the waist as these tend to make the tummy appear larger.
  2. For men, color blocks that are on the chest are recommended. It will create a triangle shape that is very flattering on the male body.
  3. Women can go for vertical lines that generally give the illusion of a slimmer figure. Strategic color blocks can highlight pairs of the body and turn them into a ‘pear’ or ‘hourglass’ figure.

Too tight doesn’t look good on anyone

  1. It doesn’t matter if you have the muscles of Cristiano Ronaldo or the curves of Gisele Bündchen, tank tops that are too tight never look good on anyone.
  2. And when I say this, I do not mean tight garments or slim style; I mean those garments that are so tight that they seem stuffed.
  3. Not only should they be avoided for aesthetic reasons, but garments that are too tight can also cut off circulation and even stimulate the creation of cellulite. Yes, men can get cellulite too.

Look at the relationship between arms and strap thickness

  1. Like the lines, the relationship between these can make an outfit flattering or not.
  2. In general, it is recommended that the thinner the arms, the thicker the straps. The theory being that this would help to ‘hide’ weak arms.
  3. If instead, what you want is to emphasize how slim your limbs are, it would be best to use thin straps.


Fabric will almost always be the difference between a suitable garment and a poor-quality one.

Cotton Tank

  • Cotton tops are made of 100% cotton, are pleasant to the touch, and breathe well.
  • Their only problem is that they absorb liquids too much. Maybe too much.
  • That is why it should avoid when we will engage in an activity where you will sweat.

Synthetics Synthetic

  • Fabrics are ideal for sports. Materials like elastane are strong and can stretch much more than natural fibers.
  • I only recommend that you stay away from bright colors as you could end up looking like a Power Ranger.

Types of tank tops

Take a quick gaze at the different types of tank tops. So you can choose the appropriate one for your next occasion.

Tank tops with dropped armholes

  • These tops design to allow great arm mobility. For this reason, they are perfect for the gym.

Tank tops with racerback

  • Like the previous ones, these allow greater agility.

Technical tank tops

  • These tank tops are designed for sport and are therefore made from durable materials such as elastane.


  • Tank tops For a few seasons, long-torso t-shirts have been worn.
  • These can wone one size larger for a more significant effect.
  • They are not recommended for going to the gym as excess material can become entangled with equipment.


  • Jerseys These jerseys, as the name says, are for playing basketball. The fabric is synthetic and can have round or v-necks.


  • Tank tops These are traditional cotton tank tops designed to wone under a shirt.

Running tank tops

  • Like the technical ones, these are made of synthetic material, but the difference is in the cut.
  • The former are tighter to the body, while the latter are looser for greater comfort at mealtime.

Personal hygiene

Since tank tops show more skin than other garments, it is essential to consider personal hygiene.

Here are some tips so you can look your best in the hottest months of the year.


  • Hair Body hair is a sensitive topic and one that few of us agree on.
  • Some think both men and women should remove everything, while others prefer to go natural.
  • If you’re not sure what to leave or remove, the safe thing to do is consistently get rid of the ‘excess.’ That is, hairs that are abnormally long or grow in unusual places.


  • Whenever you wear tank tops, don’t forget to use deodorant with them.

Be yourself

  1. For an important person who spent a lot of time researching and writing a tank top guide, saying that everything I just said is irrelevant may backfire, but I’m going to do it anyway.
  2. At the end of the day, when it comes to fashion, there are no rules.
  3. On the internet, you will find guides on how to dress according to your body type, height, and even zodiac sign, but these are just opinions at the end of the day.
  4. If what you like is a tank top with a Ninja Turtles print, then go ahead.
  5. Tank tops design to be comfortable. So go and have fun.

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