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Discover all the benefits of yoga for you and your family

Although yoga is a discipline for thousands of years, it must be recognized that most people do not know what it is about, its benefits, optimal conditions to practice it, or simply if it is considered a sport.

It is unbelievable that it is still so unknown to this day despite this discipline’s age. But luckily, this mentality is changing. The interest in yoga increases noticeably every day. More and more people start in this discipline as one and turn it into a philosophy of life and teach it daily.

For that reason, here we will tell you the infinite benefits that yoga can bring to your life, tips, and recommendations to become a lover of it and feel better about yourself.

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What exactly is yoga?

benefits of yoga

Yoga is a mental and physical discipline that originates in India, combining meditation and postures (known as ‘ asanas’ ) to relax and disconnect from daily stress.

Historically it has many religious connotations related to Buddhism and Hinduism because of its eastern roots. However, we do not have to link yoga to religion automatically. There are innumerable benefits by which it can improve your quality of life totally outside the spiritual or religious realm.

But… can everyone practice by joining a yoga teacher training

Sure! How old you are the age does not matter; whether you are old or young if you have little flexibility or not use to do sports, there are many types of yoga that you can practice depending on your experience, your goal, or your state … even it can be very beneficial for pregnancy.

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga, as mentioned above, has endless health benefits, both physically and mentally, hence the topical phrase ” connect your body and mind .”

We could not list all the benefits that yoga can bring you, but we have made a selection of the eight most outstanding services of doing it :

1. Reduce daily stress:

Thanks to breathing, doing yoga daily, even if only a few minutes a day, helps relieve tension and facilitate relaxation. It’s highly recommended to spend a few minutes before going to sleep.

2. Increase flexibility:

benefits of yoga

Many of the asanas exercised in yoga require a considerable range of motion so that you will see your flexibility and joint mobility greatly improved with practice and time.

3. Correct your posture and improve balance:

The daily practice of yoga will also help you correct specific postures that we have flawed in our day-to-day life, which is why physiotherapists or osteopaths highly recommend it.

4. Improve rest:

It is widespread to try but not able to fall asleep due to nerves. The yoga asanas and the rest of the exercises will help you get off physically tired. Added to the meditation, you will eliminate that state of nerves that prevents you from sleeping, you will rest better, and you will have more energy and a better mood in the morning.

5. Tone your body, improve your strength and endurance:

It is common in yoga classes to work the muscles in sections, and this is because, with the different postures, they are exercised, thus toning many parts of the body and increasing strength and resistance.

6. Improve personal relationships and increase self-esteem:

benefits of yoga

Although it may seem crazy, it is a fact that a stressful situation often reduces our patience and way of coping with problems. One of the most significant indirect benefits is that thanks to the philosophy of yoga, you will manage your emotions better, face adverse situations with greater tranquility and it is even highly recommended to overcome depressions or those minor spells that separate us from those we love.

7. Boost concentration:

In addition to the benefits that we have already mentioned about relaxation through asanas, another essential aspect is that it helps us focus our attention on our movement and breathing, improving our concentration very considerably.

8. Helps to lose weight:

Although it may not seem very credible, and this is not the main objective of yoga, practicing it helps you burn calories, which together with a more relaxed life, will help you not to eat with cravings, better control your weight, and define your weight body.

All these benefits have been the main responsible for the popularization of this ancient discipline in Europe. So many doctors from different fields of medicine recommend its practice. In addition, with the growing trend of yoga, more professionals in the sector live helping and teaching the rest their knowledge of this beautiful discipline.

Choose the best place to do yoga

It is essential to make a good choice of where to do yoga, much more critical than when … and any time of the day is good to practice yoga, but can you imagine doing it in the middle of La Gran Vía in Madrid? On the London Underground? …

Without a doubt, it is essential to make a good choice of the place where you will do it, away from crowds, noise and preferably in an environment surrounded by nature.

At the Montíboli hotel, we enjoy a perfect place to practice yoga during your holidays. There are not many hotels for it where you can combine your holidays and continue with your yoga routine. The unbeatable location of Montíboli on a cliff and with two beaches at its feet is a perfect place full of nature to practice it.

We hope we have brought you much closer to the world of yoga and that you encourage you to venture into it and benefit from all that this discipline can offer you.

If it has lasted thousands of years … there will be a reason. Finally, we want to give you some tips to help you carry out a correct yoga session.

Tips for doing yoga

  1. Wear comfortable clothes.
  2. Avoid eating 2 hours before doing yoga.
  3. Try to create your routine. Practice it consistently.
  4. Follow your rhythm, practicing it safely, and worrying about good technique.
  5. Be proud of your progress. Give it the importance it deserves.

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